Proactive ideas preventing jail escapes

Last summer, Pettis County Jail inmate Matthew P. Lenz attempted to secure his early release by propelling himself through the food hatch in his cell door. He was quickly subdued — the major flaw in his plan was that he tried to escape from a hole that by definition is only going to be open when there’s someone on the other side.This summer, Pettis County Jail inmate Brandon E. McGee also tried to escape through a very small hole:

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Civil War prisons and Ebenezer Magoffin

Civil War era prisons were notorious for their treatment of prisoners. In December 1861, when Col. Ebenezer Magoffin, Pettis County Confederate recruiter, was captured with two of his sons at Milford, near the Blackwater River north of Knob Noster, he was sent to the Gratiot Street Prison in St. Louis and then to the Alton Prison in Alton, Illinois. The following July, he escaped.The Gratiot (pronounced grass-shut) Street Prison had been created by the federal forces as a place to ...

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Tenors to perform in August

Mark your calendars! Even though we have not officially re-scheduled the long-postponed “Spring on Broadway,” we have scheduled a really fabulous musical event.A few years ago, Big Boy Groups became famous: The Three Tenors, The Irish Tenors, The Texas Tenors, and Il Divo, to name a few. Coming to Broadway Presbyterian Church at 7 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 17 — Two And A Half Tenors!

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Changing families need support

Friends who live in states where few, if any, abortion clinics exist are having difficulties finding places where they can receive help. Unfortunately, there seems to be very little help for women who have children outside of marriage.Finding foster families for children is not an easy task. I have one cousin who volunteered to accept a pre-teen child several years ago. She managed to keep the child until he reached adulthood, but it wasn’t easy,We have done an ina...

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Handy horoscopes to plan your life

Half a dozen months ago, I “tracked the constellations for (a) week, borrowed Travis McMullen’s Ouija board and consulted with the Beaman Monster” to come up with some pretty solid constellational readings, better known as horoscopes. Now, quoting one of your own columns is a pretty lame trick, but that will soon be outdone.Behold, your latest messages from the stars (and I ain’t talking about Wilford Brimley):Aries: Lately you’ve felt like ...

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Gen. Giap not a ‘ragtag’ army

Dear Editor:My mom has been living in Sedalia for 12 years take or leave. During our Sunday phone chat she mentioned Walter Moodie’s editorial in the Democrat. Mom said she would send me the article.The quote from the editorial referring to Gen. Giap and his “ragtag army of guerrilla” being led to victory in Vietnam over first the French and then us.I was in Vietnam at the same time as Walter, only in a different zone. The I Corps for me, in ...

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Sedalia at social media crossroads

For years now, I have been discussing the problem of youth exodus right here in the State Fair City. It’s not just a Sedalia problem — the young and enthusiastic have always dreamed about the grass on the other side of the interstate.

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Col. Magoffin captured again

Col. Ebenezer Magoffin, a wealthy Pettis County plantation owner, was captured by Federal troops led by Lt. Col. Henry Day in Georgetown on Aug. 29, 1861, and charged with the murder of Sgt. Glasgow, who died in a skirmish there.That a charge of murder would be levied against a combatant during a declared war seems odd, but much about the Magoffin case defied military and legal comprehension. It seems likely the murder charge was the result of the intense emotions roused by the Civ...

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Council is no place for a ‘wallflower’

Dear Editor:Travis McMullen, this letter is directed to you. I hope you have the guts to print it as I have written, but I strongly doubt that your boss will allow it. My first question is this. Are you related to Doug Kneibert? You know, long lost son, second cousin. Why would I ask such a question? He worked for the paper at one time, blindsided me the same way you have done a few months ago. I was allowed to respond to his attack (he got off my back, as I think you had better). ...

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Relationships change over time

When my friend received an invitation to her aunt’s wedding anniversary, she was suddenly troubled. She couldn’t understand why all of her long anniversary invitations were from older people. It seemed that all of the friends her own age had been married less than 10 years.My friend is in her late 50s and she has been married for 30 years. The fact that her 70-year old aunt was celebrating her 50th wedding anniversary, she found disturbing. She couldn’t think of a...

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Advancements in cancer research continue

Words are powerful, and when spoken or written effectively and passionately by a person of prominence they can take on amplified meaning and become a beacon of awareness or a call to action.On Wednesday night, as part of ESPN’s annual ESPY awards, SportsCenter anchor Stuart Scott received the Jimmy V Perseverance Award, named for basketball coach Jim Valvano, who died of cancer in 1993. Valvano’s greatest professional accomplishment was leading North Carolina State to t...

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Concentrating on the smaller things

I sat glued to the television Thursday morning, watching, horrified, as the story of the doomed Malaysian Air flight unfolded. As the details revealed themselves, including that it was not only possible but likely that the plane was shot down, my mood sank. And then, the television reporters told of Israel’s ground invasion into the Gaza Strip, only a day after Israeli airstrikes had killed at least four Palestinian children playing at the beach. The final blow was that some bombs explo...

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Code of Conduct to help prevent future problems

Larry Stevenson is a very unique member of the Sedalia City Council.Over the last few months he’s captured our attention as one of the most controversial members of the city administration — op-eds from both the radio and print sides of the Sedville media painted him as a highly non-traditional councilperson.And there are absolutely some valid concerns to be considered, but on the other hand I kind of admire Stevenson’s passion. He might have occasional...

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Noonday Optimist says thank you

Dear Editor:On behalf of the Sedalia Noonday Optimist Club, we want to thank all the teams that played in our 10th Annual Noonday Optimist Club Fundraiser Golf Tournament in June. Proceeds from this fundraiser along with our other fundraisers during the year is used to fund other youth programs and projects and scholarships here in our area.Ashlee Paxton,President of the Noonday Optimist ClubClub chartered in 1947

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The skirmish at Georgetown

Although vicious fighting had occurred along the Kansas-Missouri border during the 1850s, the Civil War did not begin until 1861.Following Abraham Lincoln’s election as president, seven southern states seceded from the United States and formed the Confederate States of America. In April 1861, Confederate forces attacked Fort Sumter, a federal post in South Carolina. President Abraham Lincoln called for troops to retake the fort. His call for troops prompted four more states t...

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