Koetting and Heinaman win 40 & 8 awards

November 26, 2008

The first week of September, the national organization of the 40 & 8 held its 89th convention in Orlando, Fla. More than 500 delegates were present. In conjunction with the 40 & 8, the La Femmes held its convention.

Voiture 333 was represented by Tony Gallagher, of Sedalia and Bob Fulton, of Tipton. The ladies were represented by Jean Gallagher, of Sedalia and Sharon Fulton, of Tipton. Ted Lang, of Illinois, was elected national commander.

At the 40 & 8 convention a resolution was passed which changed the membership requirements. Membership does remain by invitation only, but now is open to all members of the Armed Forces and to any veteran who has an honorable discharge.

Local Commander Tony Gallagher was re-elected to the position of national director of public relations and also to the position of president of the press association of the 40 & 8. Bob Fulton, correspondent of Voiture 333, was elected vice president of the press association.

Cabane 333 of the La Femmes took second place in membership growth, with 17 new members.

At the convention, 59 entries were submitted by newspapers across the country. For the third consecutive year, Latisha Koetting of The Sedalia Democrat took first place in daily newspapers for cities under 40,000 population. Theresa Krebs, editor of The Boonville Daily News, took first place for towns under 12,000 population.

Henry Heinaman Jr. received a plaque for best scrapbook for the third year in a row.