‘Tuesdays at the Capitol’ features folk artists

March 17, 2011

Artists will give hands-on demonstrations of their work from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. April 5 and 12 at the Missouri State Museum in the Capitol Building, 201 W. Capitol Ave., in Jefferson City.

The Missouri State Museum is partnering with the Missouri Folk Arts Program to sponsor “Tuesdays at the Capitol” for the 24th year.

On April 5, Ray Joe Hastings and his apprentice Steve Eikerman, both of Doniphan, will display the art of Ozark “gig-making” and tell stories about “gigging.” This traditional way to fish at night is particularly suited to the clear rivers and streams of the region. Traditional Ozark gigs are hand forged out of metal into the shape of a fork, or trident and attached to wooden poles or arrow shafts.

On April 12, Peggy Kinder, of Gladstone, and her apprentice JaNae Fritz, of Independence, will demonstrate the art of Potawatomi hand-stitched ribbon work. Ribbon work is an important and prominent decorative element used to adorn the traditional clothing worn at tribal and intertribal events such as powwows.

The artists who demonstrate during these programs are current participants in the Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program, which pairs master traditional artists with talented apprentices to pass artistic and cultural traditions on to the next generation.

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