Sedline for Aug. 4-5

August 5, 2012

“As a cattle farmer here in the area, we are having a tremendous time getting feed for our cattle. We also are frustrated with the ethanol situation making our grain prices much, much higher. I ask a question: Would we rather have food or fuel? That is what we are going to be faced with.”

“Is there any way to opt out or keep all these politicians from calling you? I’m on the Missouri no-call list, but evidently it doesn’t cover the politicians. I get so tired of all those calls.”

“Everything old is better. And all of the old know that, because they had the old.”

“I would like to know why all the cops in Sedalia are harassing all the kids on the strip with custom cars and motorcycles.”

“It’s a shame no one noticed the extreme cracking on the Sedalia Public Library. Now it’s a major problem. It’s a beautiful building, I hope it can be fixed.”

“Gary Edwards’ idea about changing trash pickup and what you can put in plastic bags — They need to think about sending our city workers to the gym to get in shape for the heavy loads.”

“The Sedalia Water Department has asked its customers to conserve water, yet I still see residences and businesses using lawn irrigation systems to keep their precious grass green. I think the water department should put a ban on these water-wasting systems until the drought lets up. We all need to pull together to conserve our precious underground well water. This includes area business owners.”

“Thank you to the Copper Kettle restaurant in Sedalia. During July, they had a 50 percent discount for all veterans, and being a veteran of World War II, I was able to take advantage of it. The food was good, the servers were excellent, I think it was a big plus for Sedalia for them to do it. The servers are pretty, too.”

“I’d like to talk about Joe. I tried to call my sister, but they won’t answer. Maybe they are rerouting my phone or something.”

“The city of Sedalia must absolutely hate motorcyclists. This cheap stuff they are using on the roads assures me that they wish nobody in the world would own a motorcycle or ride one in this community. They wasted a lot of money.”

“Secretary of Defense Panetta says Israel should have patience with Iran in regards to nuclear weapons. This Obama administration is a joke. Yes, Israel should have patience with Iran the same way Kennedy had patience during the Cuban missile crisis.”

“Whatever happened to pronouncing the -ing on the end of a word? All you hear is gettin’, instead of getting ... And most of all, one person says, ‘Good morning,’ and the other person says, ‘Morning.’ This sounds awful.”

“I am the owner of the Toyota with the bumper stickers mentioned in Sedline July 21. I would like to send a big thank you to the person who added my bumper sticker messages to Sedline, as this has increased the reach of my messages several fold.”

“I believe the do-gooders calling City Hall think they are helping the Clean Up Sedalia committee. Why don’t they go to the committee meetings and do something constructive? It is easy to sit back and complain.”

“I’m calling about KCP&L. Since we are in the middle of this heat wave and the temperature is above 95 degrees ... I’d like to know why they send out shut-off notices.”

“Election Day is Tuesday. Please exercise your right to vote. The more votes, the more accurate the results for what the community really wants.”

“Be sure to get out and vote Tuesday in favor of the constitutional amendment in Missouri. We want to be sure that our children are secure in their myths ... we wouldn’t want them to be challenged by science and rational thought.”

“Here is some information for you anti-gun liberals: We are on to your United Nations gun ban treaty. ... We also are on to your CIA mind-control shootings.”