Prop. A puts St. Louis police in right hands

November 1, 2012


Few things are more frustrating than hearing about a ballot issue at the last minute while standing at the ballot box.

This year, Missourians will all be voting on four state-wide issues. I would like to share my opinion regarding Proposition A.

In 1861, control of the St. Louis Police Department was taken from the city and given to a commission made up mostly of political appointees chosen by the governor. The intent of this law was to keep firepower out of the hands of a pro-Union city in a largely pro-Confederacy state. Today, the outdated law still remains in place.

With statewide voter approval, control of the St. Louis Police Department will be restored to where it belongs — with the people and city of St. Louis.

Rural voters benefit from this good-government initiative, as it increased the accountability of the St. Louis Police Department and reduces state and local costs by an estimated $4 million. Supporters of the ballot measure include the St. Louis Police Officers Association, the mayor of St. Louis and more than 300 local lawmakers and mayors all across Missouri.

I encourage you to vote “yes” on Proposition A and return local control of the St. Louis police back to the city.


Stanley Brian Cox

State representative,

118th District