Santa works for Water Dept.?

December 5, 2012

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. Kris Kringle goes by the name of Sedalia Water Department.

It appears to me that the Water Department believes that the national economy is roaring away or never affected the area. I cannot find fault with employees trying to have a better life with a pay raise. Now, with times as tough as they are? Perhaps if funding is short the amount that the electronic meters cost could have paid the increase. For the costs of funding the meter readers, it is very hard to believe that the costs would outweigh the purchase.

It seems that being independent without having some sort of government control should be re-addressed. I can almost guarantee that if conservation would be implemented to counter the rate increase, then the Water Department would raise rates since income from water rates are decreased. When there is no control they will do what they want. Mark my words that the Water Department is operating from the same playbook that some of the water departments in Illinois are operating from. The average water bill shot from $40 to more than $100. Can we afford that? No!

Thanks to the Water Department, we all got a sharp stick in the eye and they get a Christmas present from all of us. What a deal!


Robert Jones

Railroad worker,