Letter: Egypt aid shows Obama doesn’t care about Americans

March 6, 2013

As we all know from reading the paper and watching the news, mandatory budget cuts are in effect. We need to cut the budget, and I was hoping Washington would act like adults and come up with reasonable reductions.

The White House is playing hardball by releasing more than 2,000 illegal immigrants just to prove a point. When the family has to reduce its budget, does that family quit paying its water bill? No, they cut back on fast food. Does the White House think this way? No, they donít, but rather complain how the poor and middle class are struggling.

So I ask President Barack Obama: If the poor and middle class are struggling, why did you just give Egypt $250 million? That money could have been used for day care and hot meals at shelters; the money could have been used in so many ways to help Americans, but Obama would rather give it away to other countries and then blame Congress for turning their backs on Americans. He just doesnít care.

Michael F. Boston

Material control supervisor