Program offers Christmas tree recycling

By Emily Jarrett

December 25, 2013

For residents who enjoy real Christmas trees for the holidays, the Missouri Department of Conservation is offering an easy and free way to recycle them once the Christmas season is over.

A collaboration between the department of conservation, city of Sedalia and the Central Missouri Electric Cooperative, the annual event turns the trees into mulch, which can then be picked up for free to use in yards. According to Forestry Division Technician Dean Stucker, the event has been ongoing for the last eight to 10 years.

“It’s a service we like to offer residents who have a real tree and may not know the best way to get rid of it after the holidays are over,” he said. “They can drop it off, we pick it up and mulch it and then they can come back and get a bucket of mulch for their yards, all for free.”

Those wishing to recycling their tree have several options: trees can be dropped off at the city’s yard waste facility at the corner of East 28th Street and South New York Avenue or at a specially designated parking lot at Liberty Park anytime before Jan. 5. Mulch can be picked up anytime after Jan. 7 at the yard waste facility; any mulch left over will be used by the Sedalia Parks and Recreation Department.

Stucker requested trees be completely cleaned of decorations.

“Garland, lights, tinsel, anything that isn’t natural needs to be off the tree before you drop it off or pick it up,” he said.

For those too busy to drop trees off, Boy Scout Trooper 54 will once again offer free pick-up services.

“It’s part of a service project for our scouts, we just ask the trees to be on the street, ready to be picked up,” said Troop 54 Scoutmaster Krik Davis.

Davis asked pick-up service be limited to city limits and noted the scouts will take donations, though it’s not required.

“Part of what scouting is about is service to the community and getting scouts involved in their community,” he said. “We do this every year as a part of it. I couldn’t tell you the number of volunteers we have but we do get quite a few each year wanting to help out.”

Those interested in the Boys Scouts picking up a tree should contact Davis at 281-7306.

For more information about the Christmas tree recycling program, call the Missouri Department of Conservation at 530-5500.