Society should work for us in poverty fight

By Rose Nolen Contributing Columnist

January 16, 2014

Now that 50 years have gone by, we find time to talk once again about poverty. Poverty affects all classes of people. It affects senior citizens as well as little children.

People talk a lot about children in poverty. Many children are homeless, without parents to provide for them. According to statistics, one in every 45 children experience homelessness at some point in their life. Some children are born without a home.

Women and children living in poverty are an old story. We can only hope that at some point, women can be enabled to earn a living and provide well for their families. Many women are unmarried and are the single providers for children. At some point, we can only hope that training opportunities can be provided so that young women can be taught skills to provide for themselves and their families.

This is an area that has long been overlooked. While it is well and good that programs like Aid to Dependent Children should be available to help provide for food and other necessities for children, women need to be equipped to support themselves and their children. They need job training and opportunities.

The health field is opening up for all kind of opportunities for women to be employed in learning skills, necessary to helping others. Certainly, there will always be duties that must be performed by doctors and nurses, but there are other duties that can be handled by trained helpers.

Child care is an area in which women need to be trained. While some mothers can be trained to teach children, others are at work. We are wasting a lot of time when there is opportunity to be more productive.

Much can be accomplished through homeschooling. Dollars can be saved by rescuing public schools, while teachers and students can soar while they learn a combination of academics and survival skills through homeschooling.

As we go through a relearning process of how better to serve society, there are a lot of things we can learn about doing things better. For example, there are many things that adults and children can learn better by doing them together rather than separately. They can learn good manners and how to practice polite behavior. They can learn good housekeeping rules.

Instead of working to make life work easier for us, so often we make things harder. Let’s get on the good foot and look for ways to make society work better for us. It’s time to care.