New trophy case to honor S-C past and present

By Callie Washburn Smith-Cotton High School

March 16, 2014

Smith-Cotton High School’s gymnasium has a new $4,000 trophy case, but what the school plans to accomplish with it is priceless.

In November, Richie Simons, the head of the Sedalia School District 200’s maintenance department, and his team built the case on the upper level in the gym at Smith Cotton High School. It took him and his team a good month to complete this project.

Wade Norton, Smith-Cotton principal, said the school’s intentions are not only to display trophies that the school has been awarded, but also to let current students and alumni know that their achievements will not be forgotten.

It didn’t take much to construct the trophy case — just some pine wood, glass, and a lot of glue and air nails — Simons said the case is held together by about 3,000 nails and three gallons of glue. But Simons believes the case will hold up forever.

To build the case, first Simons had to construct its skeleton in his shop, then he had to transport it to the high school to finish it. The trophy case isn’t the first thing he has built for the high school. He also has constructed the Smith-Cotton stand in the front office, the desk in the attendance office, the JROTC trophy case and several other items.

Simons said when he and his crew started working on the case, “Everyone thought we built it from a kit. The only kit it was built from was this kit,” he said as he gestured to his head.

Besides just staining the wood, to give the case character Simons took a large chain and bat to the wood to distress it. Once he put the dimples where he wanted them, he and his team then stained the wood. After the structure was assembled and the custom touches were added, then the case was complete.

The Smith-Cotton trophy case has been a success so far. Norton has said that several alumni have already returned some of their trophies to be displayed. Norton also encouraged others in the community who have Smith-Cotton High School awards and trophies that should be displayed for all to see to bring them to the school.