Recycling plant offering school tours

By Nicole Cooke

May 7, 2014

In an effort to bring science education outside the classroom, Advantage Metals Recycling is offering tours of its facilities to area elementary schools.

AMR buys steel from both industrial and private parties, in various grades and types. The company also accepts batteries, aluminum cans, insulated copper wire, brass items, zinc items, and cast aluminum, among other items, for recycling. They offer fundraising opportunities to local schools, and now students can learn about the company firsthand.

“We give a presentation on the value of recycling, facts and figures on how it affects the environment. We show the students how it helps them and the economy in the community,” said Facility Manager Scott Tuttle. “Then we take them out and show them our operation, they see the machinery in operation. We take questions and explain about the environmental impact of what we do for fluids and metals like lead and mercury.”

During the tour students will be able to apply knowledge from the classroom to what they see at the AMR facility, and Tuttle said he also hopes to spark an interest in recycling in those who attend.

“If you get someone early and provide a young person information it’ll make an impact on them for much of their lives,” Tuttle said. “Plus they’re enthusiastic and excited, it’s cool to see machines smash up cars but they also listen to the presentations and understand what we’re talking about. They can engage with science on a more operational level, like we talk about why metals are magnetic or non-magnetic. They hear about things in class but we can make some of those things a little more real to them.”

So far Heber Hunt Elementary, St. Paul’s Lutheran School in Sedalia and Stover, and the Lutheran School Association in Cole Camp have taken the AMR tour. Tuttle said he hopes to schedule more tours this fall or even next spring, as they recommend taking the tour during warmer weather since it involves being outdoors. Tuttle said he’s had a lot of positive feedback from those who have participated.

“I’ve gotten several comments, someone from every school has said it’s the best field trip they’ve been on,” he said. “The kids speak highly of it. We get new customers who haven’t been here because their kids went home and told their parents it’s a neat place. It gets them enthusiastic about saving scrap metal, to make a little money and help the community by being a good steward of the environment.”

For more information or to schedule a tour, contact Cecilia Sotelo at 827-1873.