Springfield veterans receive warm welcome

May 13, 2014

Dear Editor:

I and two fellow “bikers” passed through your town (Sedalia) this past Saturday on our way to the Kansas City area. We stopped at the Golden Corral for lunch. As we walked through the line and sit down a man by the name of “Larry” (did not catch his last name) came to the table. He asked about the military service ribbons on our vests. We exchanged information for about 10 minutes (all of us being Vietnam veterans). He mentioned the large amount of American flags on display in the downtown area of your town, and told us if we had the extra time “please” pass down Ohio Street. We did. It was a very impressive display. We discussed this among ourselves for the remainder of the weekend. We took this back to Springfield with the idea of promoting the same on our main streets. Again, I thank him for the information and the “warm welcome” he gave us to Sedalia.

Vietnam Veterans Association — Springfield, Mo.

Robert (Bob) Whitlock

Andrew (Andy) Adams

Leo (Bud) Roberts