Daughters of Isabella

The Daughters of Isabella met for their monthly meeting Sept. 12. Some of the members met for First Saturday. The Pro Life Chain will be done at 2 p.m. Oct. 2, on West Broadway Boulevard with everyone meeting at the north end of the Walmart parking lot.

Roll call, reading of the minutes and report of the treasurer and reading of the bills were given. Under standing committees, under Welfare, September birthdays were reported. Members signed up to work and provide food for the upcoming Community Café which will be Oct. 4. Under Visitation of the Sick, cards were sent to some of the members. Under Social, Janet Bartok, Carolyn Deuel, Marlene Moon and Ramona Davis provided the refreshments for the evening. Under Respect for Life, Patsy Wickern told the members that it would be a good idea to have a fundraiser to help purchase items for the Respect for Life Booth that is held at the State Fair each year, as they ran out of stickers, babies and lollipops that are handed out at the booth.

Under Unfinished Business, Theresa Rider will be taking care of the registration for the Sacred Heart Homecoming Parade; some of the D of I ladies will be meeting and walking with our D of I Banner.

Linda Hoffmann is working on centerpieces for the State Workshop. Betty Jo Shafer is putting together our theme basket, and boutique items can still be given to Linda. Linda shared some of her trip to the International Convention. She thanked the circle for sending her. She reported that our circle won three awards.

Under New Business, our birthday celebration will be held Oct. 30. The circle will provide the meat and cake, and members will bring a dish. The 20 year members that will be honored will be LuAlice Real and Edith Hofmann.

The circle unanimously voted to purchase bibles and the catechisms for the Confirmation class.

Ideas for fundraisers were briefly discussed and then tabled for sometime next year.

Other area church activities were presented along with a calendar of activities for the rest of the year. The Memorial Mass for the deceased and the Clergy Appreciation will be discussed more next month when more information is available. Sunday, December 11th will be the Catholic Christmas Children’s Party.

Our next meeting will be Oct. 10. The social committee for that meeting will be Cathy Korthas, Susan Sanderson, Shirley Harms and Chairperson, Connie Thompson.

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