MidMo Speakers Club meets

“We have about 4.2 million chickens in production,” Emory Kempf told members of MidMo Speakers’ Club recently, and they wanted to hear more. He said his employer, Mid-States Specialty Eggs, has two facilities, one in Smithton, and the other in Berryville, Arkansas. Between these two facilities the company processes more than 2.3 million eggs per day, he said.

In delivering project two in the club’s manual, Kempf peppered his speech with little-known fascinating facts about the intricate and delicate processes the eggs go through from chicken to the store. The title of his speech was “Eggs, from Farm to Store,” and its stated goal was to organize the speech material “in an orderly manner — with an opening, body and conclusion.”

Kempf’s five minute speech was evaluated by Andrey Gritsishin.

The second speaker, P.C. Thomas, did project four, in which the speech manual required him to “select the right words and sentence structure to communicate…clearly…vividly” and to “use rhetorical devices to enhance ideas.” In His speech titled “Cats I have Known,” Thomas recalled the life and accomplishments of Sona and Oreo, two felines now deceased, that made a deep impression on his family, and described the current incumbent Morris as proud and independent.

John Willadsen, vice president for education, evaluated Thomas’s speech.

Linda Hoffmann, a new member, conducted the Table Topics session, choosing topics related to members’ family heritage.

Marvin Moss, from Marshall, presided at the meeting.

Glenn Sherman, club secretary, served as grammarian.

Jothikrishnan Narasimmaraj served as timer.

The next meeting of the club will be on Tuesday March 7. For additional information, contact Willadsen at 287-7386.

John Willadsen evaluates a speech by P.C. Thomas at a recent meeting of MidMo Speakers Club.
John Willadsen evaluates a speech by P.C. Thomas at a recent meeting of MidMo Speakers Club. Submitted photo
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