No tornado threats in Pettis County, Sedalia

Stormy weather is making its way across mid-Missouri but isn’t expected to amount to much in Pettis County and Sedalia.

An official with the Sedalia-Pettis County Emergency Management Agency said Sedalia and Pettis County have mild wind and hail threats. Possible rain and thunderstorms are expected to increase in the early afternoon and will continue into tomorrow.

Dave Clippert with the emergency management agency said the tornado threat is west of St. Joseph, Missouri.

“We have no tornado threat in Pettis County,” Clippert said.

Clippert said they expect the rain to accumulate to less than an inch.

“We’re not really expected to get a torrential amount of rain,” he said. “The reason I put the information out was because it’s going to be close to us.”

Most of the bad weather is currently located in the northern part of Pettis County. Clippert said he just returned from Hughesville, Missouri, where the rain was coming down pretty hard in the northwest.

Clippert said all storm shelters in the area are open and ready for use. For more weather updates, visit

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