Four vying for two Hughesville seats

Democrat Staff

Democrat Staff

Four candidates are vying for two seats on the Village of Hughesville Board of Trustees — Frank Lindsey, Jennifer Raines, Dan Wuebker and Lisa Mueller. Terms are for two years. Each candidate was asked to fill out a questionnaire about their candidacy; Raines, Wuebker and Mueller did not submit any responses. Answers may have been edited for length.

Why are you running for office?

Frank Lindsey: “To help out the town.”

What are your qualifications?

Lindsey: “Have been on the board before for around eight years total.”

What do you think are some top issues facing the Village of Hughesville that need to be addressed soon?

Lindsey: “Repair water line and sewage system.”

What do you think about the tax levy ballot issue for the Village of Hughesville? Are you in favor or opposed?

Lindsey: “It is to low and in favor for it to be raised.”

What goals do you have for office if you are elected?

Lindsey: “To improved the office work by having different ways to track what is going on.”

Why should people vote for you?

Lindsey: “Because I want to do what is right for the Village of Hughesville and to be able to help move the town toward the good.”

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