Sedalia 200 approves salary schedule for 2016-17

Board officers elected Monday night

By Hope Lecchi - [email protected]

Board officers elected Monday night

By Hope Lecchi

[email protected]

The Sedalia School District 200 board of Education met Monday night and approved several measures that focused on the future of the district.

Board members voted to approve three measures: the five-year maintenance plan, an agreement to begin the use of purchasing cards by a limited number of district employees and the salary schedule for the 2016-17 school year.

Steve Triplett, assistant superintendent for building and grounds and support services presented the five-year plan to the board.

“I just want to remind you that the maintenance plan is a living, breathing document,” Triplett said. “I meet with Richie (Simmons, head of maintenance for the district) daily and we always look at areas that are of concern and update the list accordingly.”

One area that recently has needed to be addressed is the Joseph Arbisi Memorial Pool at the Sedalia Middle School.

“We will close the pool this summer in June to find where the problem is with the pool,” Triplett said. “We are losing about an inch of water each day from the pool but right now it is a complete mystery to us why it is happening.”

Triplett said the problem may be in the pipes in the drains at the deep end of the pool but until workers can drain the pool, they are not certain where the problem is.

“One we have the pool drained and repaired we will go ahead with painting and maintenance on the pool,” Triplett added.

Sidewalk repair and replacement at Parkview and the Middle School and work on the parking lots at Whittier and Parkview as well as playground work at Skyline are the other major items scheduled for the upcoming year.

The following year the tile roof at Horace Mann is one of the largest projects to be addressed.

The board also voted to approve the use of the commercial purchasing cards as presented by Dr. Harriet Wolfe, chief financial officer for the district at the March board meeting.

The cards have a single transaction limit of $200 and there is a monthly credit limit of $1,500.

“The cards will be limited to members of the maintenance staff to start,” Superintendent of Schools Brad Pollitt said. “We see this as a way to simplify our payment process on some items.”

The board also voted to accept the proposals to the salary schedule as presented by Pollitt.

Under the salary schedule for the 2016-17 school year, certified teachers will see a $250 increase to the base, setting the starting salary for a Sedalia 200 teacher at $34,750.

An additional $250 will be added to the master’s column and some steps on the salary schedule that had been frozen will be released.

Non-certified staff will see an increase of $.10 per hour and additional steps on their salary schedule will be opened.

The district will once again pay 100 percent of the employee’s health insurance.

“We feel very fortunate that we are able to give our employees a raise and still continue to fully fund their insurance,” Pollitt said. “The increase to the district’s insurance came in at two and a half percent which was less than we had anticipated.”

In other actions, the board recognized the winter sports a5hletes in the district who received honors.

•Accepted a donation from the Sedalia School District Foundation for $1,633.

Five hundred dollars will be designated to the athletic funds, $500 is ear marked for the fine arts programs and the remaining $633 are unrestricted funds for the district.

The money was raised through the Foundation’s ‘Leave a Legacy Program.’

The foundations scholarships are in the process of being selected and a donor and recipient reception will be hosted by the Foundation May 4.

• The Sedalia Community Educators Association announced the recipients of their three $1,000 scholarships: Hollee Akers, Bailey Curry and Carlton Holman.

• Board members Diana Nichols and David Wolf were sworn in to office.

The two incumbents were unopposed in the April election.

• The following members were elected to serve as officers for the next term:

President: Dr. Jeffrey Sharp

Vice President: Michael Stees

Treasurer: Kenneth Coffelt

Secretary: David Wolf

Missouri School Board Association Delegate: Diana Nichols

Alternate: Scott Gardner

Hope Lecchi can be reached at 660-826-1000 ext. 1484

Hope Lecchi can be reached at 660-826-1000 ext. 1484

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