Rockland Capital awards contracts to ProEnergy

ProEnergy announced it has been awarded five-year operations and maintenance contracts for Rocky Road Power, Elgin Energy Center, Gibson City Energy Center and Shelby County Energy Center by affiliates of Rockland Capital, LLC.

Under these contracts, ProEnergy will provide site management, planning, scheduling and maintenance services to the simple cycle peaker plants. ProEnergy operated Elgin and Gibson City for nearly four years when they were owned by Ameren, and then continued the contract with Rockland for two years prior to this renewal.

Rocky Road, located in East Dundee, Illinois, is a 349-megawatt plant powered by three W501D5A combustion turbines and one GE LM5000. The Elgin Energy Center, in Elgin, Illinois, is a 484-megawatt facility powered by four Siemens Westinghouse W501D5A natural gas combustion turbine engines.

Gibson City Energy Center, in Gibson City, Illinois, is a 228-megawatt facility with two W501D5A combustion turbines, and the Shelby County Energy Center, in Neoga, Illinois, is a 352-megawatt plant operating eight GE LM6000 aero derivative combustion turbines.

“We strive to be a single source for our clients, offering support on whatever they need. This includes facility operations, major maintenance, capital spare parts, repairs and technical support,” said ProEnergy CEO Jeff Canon. “We are honored that Rockland Capital has recognized our successful operation of the Elgin Energy Center and Gibson City Energy Center by allowing us to provide the same services to Rocky Road Power and Shelby County.”

ProEnergy is responsible for the construction, management, operations, maintenance, and repair services for energy generation facilities and equipment around the world. ProEnergy has U.S. offices in Sedalia, Houston, Texas, and Fort Collins, Colorado, and international locations in a number of countries including Canada, Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, Panama, Pakistan and Angola.

Release courtesy of ProEnergy

Sedalia Democrat

Release courtesy of ProEnergy

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