Callis expands digital, SEO knowledge base

Chris Young, Digital Marketing Director at Callis, recently participated in a SMART SEO and LEAD GEN Conference in Orlando. Representatives from 14 marketing agencies from across the United States invested two days of intensive training and discussion covering topics that included strategic content development and measurement, maximizing conversions from web visits, and lead generation from social media, podcasts, and webinars.

The training, led by Stephen Woessner, of Predictive ROI in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and facilitated by Drew McLellan, of the Agency Management Institute in Des Moines, Iowa, focused on creating sales generating machines for agency clients. The techniques presented in the SMART SEO and LEAD GEN conference provide valuable new tools that help Callis improve search performance and direct content development for its clients and predict the ROI of those efforts.

SEO and Content Marketing have become key components of many successful integrated marketing plans. SEO is the practice of maximizing website content to increase position on search rankings. Content marketing is the practice of building written and visual content on websites to drive web traffic through SEO, build credibility and grow leads and sales.

Three associates from Callis also recently participated in a Digital Summit in Chicago. Representatives from 12 marketing agencies from around the U.S. gathered to share current digital best practices, technology trends and successes. Young, Megan Hartman, Client Services Director, and Tim Noland, Content Marketing Director, represented Callis at the Summit.

By staying on the leading edge of new digital technologies and trends, Callis is able to provide the knowledge and tools necessary to facilitate brand growth through fully integrated marketing campaigns for agency clients.

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Release courtesy of Callis

Release courtesy of Callis

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