Sewer project nearing completion

By Nicole Cooke - [email protected]

By Nicole Cooke

[email protected]

The City of Sedalia’s sewer project is coming to a close and the Sedalia City Council voted on a few items related to the completion of the major $30 million project during Monday’s meeting.

The project was mandated through a Missouri Department of Natural Resources order of consent, and 2016 marks the end of several years of sewer work. Public Works Director Brenda Ardrey said despite a few extra projects, so far “everything is looking good.”

“We’ve had some manhole work that we’ve gone back and done a little bit of work on, and we’ve still got those two roads on 16th (Street) and over on Engineer (Avenue) that the mill and overlay group will be fixing that instead,” Ardrey told the Democrat after the council meeting. “A lot of people asked why that wasn’t done by the subcontractor, and it was simply because it was cheaper to put it in as part of our mill and overlay work. It was going to be between two and three times as high to have the subcontractor to do it as opposed to our folks through the mill and overlay contract, so we were saving money.”

Ardrey said the contract hasn’t moved forward as fast as she’d like, but she is expecting an answer this week on when the work will begin.

Council approved the following items related to the sewer project:

• Change Order No. 8 from Spray Com Utilities Inc. for a deduction of $1,571.10 for the Collection System Rehabilitation Phase 1A Project-Base Bid, bid package No. 2.

• Change Order No. 2 from Smi-Co Construction Inc. for an increase of $19,645 for the Peak Flow Management Improvements, stormwater equalization EQ-1 project.

• Change Order No. 2 from Site Rite Construction Co. for a deduction of $70,299.84 for the Southeast Basin Relief Sewer Project.

With only a few pieces left to wrap up, Ardrey said she expects the project to be completed on time.

“It feels pretty good that things are winding up. We hope that people are beginning to see a difference, the roads are being fixed,” she said. “If anyone continues to have any concerns though, they should feel free to go ahead and call us. It’s always good to know when a project this large is wrapping up that something hasn’t been missed.”

Olsson Associates will give the final project presentation at an upcoming council meeting.

During the pre-council meeting, Finance Director Kelvin Shaw gave the monthly finance update, which brought good news.

“For the month of May we were up by 5.1 percent over the previous year month of May,” he explained. “That brought us year-to-date for the first two months of the fiscal year to 3 percent above. If you recall, we budgeted a 1 percent (increase), so, so far we’re tracking ahead of budget.”

During the meeting council also:

• Approved five appointments.

• Approved an ordinance granting a rezoning application by Star Acquisitions for property located at 1900 W. Broadway Blvd., 2000 W. Broadway Blvd., 2102 W. Broadway Blvd., and 516 Sunset Dr. The Planning and Zoning Commission recommends approval.

• Approved an ordinance establishing a no parking restriction at the end of Scott Joplin Court. The Traffic Advisory Commission recommends approval.

• Approved sole source purchase of duty weapons and holsters for the Sedalia Police Department from Alamar Uniforms for $13,192.

• Approved an ordinance approving and annexing an unincorporated area owned by the City of Sedalia into the city adjacent and contiguous to existing corporate limits (Main Street Road and east side of Oak Grove Lane).

• Approved bids for rock salt.

• Approved an ordinance amending Section 7.15(C) (controlled substance and alcohol testing policy – applicability) of the city’s Personnel Regulation Manual by deleting the title of Permit/ECS for the Public Works Department and adding the title of Pretreatment/Stormwater Coordinator to employee positions designated as safety sensitive.

• Approved purchase of two scan tools for the Vehicle Maintenance Department from Snap-On Tools for $12,408.07 through the State of Missouri Cooperative Procurement Program.

• Approved a resolution extending the moratorium on demolition permits on Ohio Avenue between Main Street and Broadway Boulevard for an additional 90 days.

• Approved an ordinance amending the budget for Fiscal Year 2016-17 regarding the Trim Grant Project.

• Approved a records destruction request from the Personnel Department.

• Approved a resolution congratulating the Smith-Cotton High School JROTC on achieving first place at the National High School Drill Team Championships.

• Approved an ordinance approving and accepting an agreement with Bothwell Regional Health Center Laboratory for Worker’s Compensation Substance and Alcohol Testing for the city.

• Approved an ordinance amending Ordinance No. 9940 relating to deleting existing classifications and job descriptions for Permit/Environmental Control Specialist for the Water Pollution Department and Police Lieutenant for the Police Department and adding a classification and job description for Pretreatment/Stormwater Coordinator for the WPC Department.

• Approved the purchase of storage hardware to house camera video and data from Insight Public Sector for $13,498.43 through the U.S. Communities Cooperative Procurement Contract via the State of Missouri.

Councilwoman Vicky Collins was absent.

Nicole Cooke can be reached at 660-530-0138 or @NicoleRCooke.

Nicole Cooke can be reached at 660-530-0138 or @NicoleRCooke.

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