May 26 Crash Reports

Two injured in Sedalia crash

Two people were injured in a two-vehicle accident at 9:57 p.m. Tuesday near the intersection of South Limit Avenue and West 18th Street.

According to a Sedalia Police Department report, Wayne D. Weter, 66, of Ozark, was driving a semi-truck north on South Limit Avenue when he saw a vehicle driven by Dallas A. Chewning, 18, of Ionia facing south in the turn lane waiting to turn eastbound. Weter said Chewning pulled out 30 feet in front of him and he did not have time to brake or swerve to avoid a collision. His truck collided with the passenger side of Chewning’s vehicle.

Officers said Chewning appeared to be “in shock” and were unable to speak with her at the scene. They made contact at Bothwell Regional Health Center where she wrote a statement. Chewning said she was in the middle turn lane when she turned her head to look at a police car that had pulled someone over. When she turned her head back toward the roadway, her car was in the left northbound lane and a semi-truck was “coming straight for them.”

Weter sustained a bump on his head and was examined by Pettis County Ambulance District personnel, but declined transport to Bothwell.

A passenger in Chewning’s vehicle, Madison P. Brown, 18, of Green Ridge, said her left knee, side of her neck and her chest hurt. Chewning said her chest and left leg hurt. Both were taken by PCAD to Bothwell for their injuries.

Information is taken from preliminary Missouri State Highway Patrol and Sedalia Police Department reports, which do not necessarily contain statements from all parties involved.

— Compiled by Nicole Cooke

— Compiled by Nicole Cooke

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