Council approves animal shelter budget

The Sedalia Animal Shelter officially has its own budget within the city’s Fiscal Year 2015-16 budget after the Sedalia City Council approved a budget amendment during Monday’s meeting.

The City of Sedalia, specifically the Sedalia Police Department, took over operations of the shelter Wednesday, July 1, and will continue the operations once the new facility is built on New York Avenue later this year. Dirt work has begun on the site, but excessive rain this summer has delayed construction.

Shelter operations now have their own section in the budget, which included moving the salaries for both animal control officers from the SPD budget to the shelter budget. City Administrator Gary Edwards said that move simply means moving the line item from one section to the other, and will have no impact on the SPD budget.

“Before July 1, we had two animal control officers. That has been expanded to the manager, and we’re moving the animal control officers over to (the shelter) budget. We were already paying it, it’s just a matter of moving it over to that budget,” Edwards told the Democrat. “… In addition, we are doing temporary part-time until we get organized, that temporary part-time person will be on board until we get everything in order and in line.

“Everything else is pretty much the same as it was. We were spending, when you consider the animal control officers, prior to July 1, we were spending, including cash that was going to the shelter, pretty close to $100,000 when you include those personnel. What we’re looking at now is not that much over that amount. It’s a small amount.”

The funding for the animal shelter’s budget comes out of the city’s general fund. Edwards said he believes the city had an animal shelter budget previously, but that it has been decades since that occurred.

“I think it’s working out well. I was over (at the shelter) on Friday, and (Shelter Manager Andrea Martin) is doing a very good job,” Edwards said. “I was impressed with the cleanliness over there and the work they’re putting in to clean it up, keeping it clean. Volunteers are already coming on board. All this is initial, but the initial indications are that Andrea is doing an excellent job. She’s coming up with ideas on adoption, volunteers, so she’s doing all of that very well. She works long hours and is doing that to make it a strong facility.”

During the meeting council also approved an ordinance approving and accepting sales agreements with Foley Equipment Co. for the leasing/purchasing of equipment: a skid steer for Water Pollution Control ($61,500), a skid steer for the Sanitation Department ($61,500) and a wheel loader for WPC ($170,166).

Sedalia Democrat
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