Heat Advisory issued for Pettis County

Democrat Staff

Democrat Staff


A Heat Advisory has been issued for Pettis County from 11 a.m. Sunday to 9 p.m. Monday.

Actual temperatures Sunday will reach the mid-90s with a heat index of 100 to 107. Actual temperatures Monday will reach the high 90s with a heat index of 106 to 114. Sedalia-Pettis County Emergency Management Agency Director Dave Clippert said these types of temperatures and heat indexes will continue through the week.

“Heat has a cumulative affect on the body. Drink plenty of water, try to reschedule outside work to either early morning or later evening,” Clippert advised. “Take frequent breaks. Please check on neighbors especially the elderly to ensure they are staying cool. Never, ever leave a child in the car, bad things happen when children are left in cars. Don’t forget your pets, if it is miserably hot for you, then it is miserably hot for them.”

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