Smithton Town and Country Fair results

Best in Show home economics and crafts:

Quilts: Mary Bersano

Cross stitch: Linda Page

Cake decorating: Lyla Bybee

Food Preservation: Okra: Carol Tagtmeyer; Jams and jellies: Donna Raines

Clothing: Haleigh Ferguson

Art Show: Age 4 and 5: Emily Bax; age 6 and 7: Elizabeth Lightcap; age 9: Zach Walsh; age 10: Murray Page; age 11 and 12: Trevor Nesler; age 13 and 14: Lyla Bybee; Adult: Donna Raines.

Skid Loader Rodeo:

First place: Conner Jaegers. 6:14

Second place: Hank Roberts 6:32

Third Place: Nic Asbury 7:12

Children’s Pedal Pull:

0 through 40 pounds:

First Place: Elizabeth Lightcap, full pull

Second Place: Blake Lightcap, 26’

Third Place: Adyen Dunham 26’

41 through 55 pounds:

First Place: Layton Teeter, full pull

Second Place: Benjamin Harris, 35’

Third Place: Jessie Brown, 32.5’

Fourth Place: R.J. Borschen, 23.5’

55 through 75 pounds:

First Place: John Brown, 34’

Second Place: Luke Brown, 31’

Third Place: Lily Stevens: 28.5’

Fourth Place: Gabe Franke: 28’

76 pounds and over:

First Place: Carter Brown, full pull, full pull (pull off)

Second Place: Chase Bybee, full pull, 40’ (pull off)

Third Place: Cassie Krieg: 42.5’

Fourth Place: Baxter Brown: 40.5’

Fifth Place: Izzy Brown: 25.5’

Auctioneer’s Bid Calling Contest

First Place: Jeff Garber, Lincoln

Second Place: Al Garber, Lincoln

Third Place: Kevin Whitcomb, Higginsville

Fourth Place: Phillip Yoder, Warsaw

Fifth Place: Russell Johnson, Warsaw

Sixth Place: Paul Day, Warrensburg

Pig Dressing

First Place: Wesley Wells, Jacob McMullin, Bob Slaughter: 51:9 seconds

Second Place: Jami Wells, Natashia McMullin, Shawna Asbury: 52.9 seconds

Third Place: Zeb White, Jordan Tubbs, Trevor Hampton: 1:16:94

Fourth Place: Matt Tetter, Jonathan Petersen, Cindy Snow: 1:43:42

Super Farmer

Youth Division 13 through 18

First Place: Stacia Luttrell and Garrett Dowdy

Second Place: Grace Franke and Dakota Kroeger

Adult Division 18 and older

First Place: Rusty and Bonni Lane

Second Place: Wesley and Jaymi Wells

Third Place: Matt and Elizabeth Carver

Pie Baking Contest Adults 18 and over

Class One: Fruit

First Place: Dinah Cooper, apple

Second Place: Elisabeth Carver: grape

Third Place: Geneanne Kearney: cherry

Fourth Place: Tami Wilfong: summer berry

Fifth Place: Patty Trelow: apple

Class Two: Nut

First Place: Christie Baker: southern pecan

Class Three: Cream

First Place: Geneanne Kearney: lemon

Second Place: Dale Bersano: strawberry

Third Place: Sara Bax: banana

Fourth Place: Jenni Bersano: chocolate coffee

Fifth Place: Terrinda Miller: chocolate peppermint

Class Four: Other

First Place: Kadey Sartain: southern sweet potato

Second Place: Alyssa Gerke: Snickering apple

Third Place: Jenni Bersano: maple apple roll

Fourth Place: Terrinda Miller: lemon custard

Youth Division Pies: 17 and under

Class Five: Fruit

First Place: Allison Williams: fruit melody

Second Place: Harley Rumsey: blackberry

Third Place: Alyssya Cason: peach

Fourth Place: Alyssya Cason: blackberry

Fifth Place: Noah Kratzer: apple

Class Six: Nut

First Place: Alex Walsh: pecan

Second Place: Maverick Rumsey: pecan

Class Seven: Cream

First Place: Alex Walsh: Nutter Butter

Class Eight: Other

First Place: Shelbi Miller: mock pecan

Champion Pies

17 and Under:

Grand Champion: Alex Walsh, pecan

Reserve Grand Champion: Allison Williams, fruit melody

Adult Division:

Grand Champion: Geneanna Kearney, lemon cream

Reserve Champion: Dinah Cooper, apple

Flower Show Best of Show

Division A Flowering Specimens

Sun flower: Mary Jane Kahrs

Gray headed cone flower: Mary Merk

Single day lily: Mary Jane Kahrs

Three or more day lilies: Mary Jane Kahrs

Division B Arboreal Specimens

Flowering tree or shrub: Jeremey Kroeger

Foliage Tree or Shrub: Jeremy Kroeger

Division C Bouquets: Liam Beckett

Division D House Plants

Calla Lily: Mary Jane Kahrs

Begonia Bonsai: Jeremey Kroeger

Succulent: Mary Merk

Division E: Vegetables

White potatoes: John Porter

Red potatoes: Mary Jane Kahrs

Green Peppers: John Porter

Zucchini: Amy Page

Division F: Fruit

Blackberries: R.D. Kahrs

Raspberries: Diedrick Kahrs

Swine Show

Spot Boar: Chase Bybee: Blue, Champion and Grand Champion

Berkshire Gilt: Rachel Hogan: Blue and Champion

Duroc Gilt: Mallory Hoehns: Blue and Champion

Poland Gilt: Joseph Hogan: Blue and Champion

Spot Gilt: Mallory Kroeger: Blue, Champion and Grand Champion; Lyla Bybee, blue and Reserve Grand Champion

York Gilt: Tyler Gerke: Blue and Champion

Crossbred Gilt: Mallory Kroeger: Two Blues, Champion and Grand Champion; Kendall Pyle: Two blues, Reserve Champion and Grand Champion

Market Hogs:

Poland Burrows:

Rachel Hogan: Blue and Champion;

Joseph Hogan: Blue and Reserve Champion

Crossbred Barrows:

Luke Pyle: Blue, Reserve Champion and Reserve Grand Champion

Tyle Gerke: Blue, Champion and Grand Champion

Lyla Bybee: Blue

Chase Bybee: Blue

Stacia Luttrell: Blue

Kiersten Luttrell: Blue


Wether: Hannah Boatright: Grand Champion; Emma Slaughter: Reserve Grand Champion

Doe: Emma Slaughter: Grand Champion; Hannah Boatright: Reserve Grand Champion

Showmanship Boy: Jon Curtiss

Showmanship Girl: Hannah Boatright

Pee Wee Goat Showmanship: Zack Cordes and Zander Shapley


Market Lamb: Stacia Luttrell: Grand Champion and Reserve grand Champion

Showmanship boy: Noah Kratzer

Showmanship Girl: Harley Rumsey


Bottle calf participants: Zach Cordes and Zander Shapley

Champion Angus Heifer: Tyler Gerke

Champion Cow Calf pair: Abby Dittmer

Overall Champion Heifer: Tyler Gerke

Reserve Overall Champion Heifer: Abby Ditmer

Champion Bull Calf: Abby Dittmer

Champion Market Heifer: Tyler Gerke


Champion Chianina Steer: Stacia Luttrell

Champion Hereford Steer: Haleigh Ferguson

Reserve Champion Hereford Steer: Andrew Ferguson

Champion Maintainer Steer: Tyler Gerke

Champion Shorthorn Plus Steer: Kiersten Luttrell

Champion Crossbred Steer: Shani Deuschle

Reserve Champion Crossbred Steer: Stacia Luttrell

Overall champion Steer: Tyler Gerke

Reserve Overall Champion Steer: Shani Deuschle

Showmanship Boy: Andrew Ferguson

Showmanship Girl: Shani Deuschle

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