S-C Halls of Fame seeking nominations

By Hope Lecchi - [email protected]

By Hope Lecchi

[email protected]


The Sedalia School District 200 is looking for a few good men and women. It really does not require any additional work on their behalf. The work has already been completed or is ongoing.

What the district is seeking are nominees for the Academic, Activities, and Athletic Halls of Fame.

“We began the halls unofficially in 2010, when we decided that both Kim Anderson and his younger sister Kathy Anderson should be recognized not only for their contributions while students at Smith-Cotton, but also for their multiple successes after graduation,” Athletic Director Rob Davis said. “That is one of the purposes for all of the halls, to recognize the outstanding achievements of our alumni.”

In 2010 when the program was conceived, there were not established guidelines for nominations or induction.

“We knew there were several outstanding individuals who were worthy of recognition,” Davis said. “We needed to make sure that we had proper guidelines in place before we went further. The first official induction class was in 2013.”

The purposes of the Halls of Fame are twofold.

The District wanted to recognize individuals who excelled while they were students at Smith-Cotton and went on to continue outstanding work in their respective areas after graduation.

Davis considers the second reason to be equally, if not more, important.

“We wanted our students to realize that someone from a school like S-C can do something like play basketball in the NBA, or attend an Ivy League university and then work for NASA,” Davis said. “We saw it as a way to encourage our students to strive for excellence.”

Since their inception, 12 individuals and one team have been inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame. Five have been named to the Activities Hall of Fame and four individuals are included in the Academic Hall of Fame.

Those named to the Athletic Hall of Fame include 2010: Kathy Anderson and Kim Anderson; 2013: Libby Howard, Norris Kelly and Charles Van Dyne; 2014: Coach Ralph “Stub” Dow, Donease Smith and John “Bud” Thomas; 2015: Mike Bryson, Kelli Lawman Tosti and Van Van Dyne; 2016: Ross Dey and the 1990 Girl’s Golf Team.

The Activities Hall of Fame includes 2013 inductees: Sandy Cordes and Bob Watson; 2014: Sue Heckart and Geraldine Teufel Schrader; 2015: Robert L. Cummings.

Members to the Academic Hall of Fame include 2013: Dr. Alan Braverman, Dr. Diane Cordry Golden, Dr. Andre Taylor and Dr. William Woolery.

“I honestly don’t know why more people have been nominated and accepted in the athletic hall,” Davis said. “I don’t know if it’s right or wrong, but it just seems like athletics is more in the forefront.”

Davis thinks part of the reason for that is for an athlete there are more definable stats and records to rely on.

“You can look at an athlete and say, ‘They had three state titles, or batted 300,’ or whatever the stat may be,” Davis said. “How do you do that for say a musician or a teacher? How do you assess the impact they have had?”

One qualifier to be considered for all nominees is a time factor.

For former students, they must be a graduate of S-C for a minimum of five years. Teachers, coaches and sponsors must have accomplished achievements of an outstanding nature for at least three years while employed in the Sedalia District.

There are other requirements for each hall of fame, but essentially all nominated individuals must display good character, leadership and citizenship while representing the school. Once an individual is nominated, they have three years in which to be considered if they are not selected in the first year of eligibility.

“There is a fairly simple process for nominating an individual or a team,” Davis said. “All it involves is going to the district’s website and completing a form. Probably each one of us knows someone who is worthy of recognition and deserves to be named to one of the halls.”

To nominate an individual or a team. or if individuals have questions about the Halls of Fame, contact Davis at 660-851-5300 or visit www.sedalia200.com and click on the Hall of Fame tab.

Hope Lecchi can be reached at 660-826-1000 ext. 1484

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Hope Lecchi can be reached at 660-826-1000 ext. 1484

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