Pettis County 4-H/FFA Jr. Livestock Show Results

The Pettis County 4-H/FFA Junior Livestock Show was hosted Sunday and Monday, July 12 and 13, at the Swine building on the Missouri State Fairgrounds. The 2015 Show had 246 animals with 111 youth showing their animals.

This year’s award winners are listed as follows:

Beef Showmanship: Junior: Haleigh Ferguson and Evan Breheim; Senior- Jordann Gregory and Tyler Gerke

Goats Showmanship: Junior: Emma Slaughter; Senior- Heather Savage.

Poultry Showmanship: Junior: Rilee Gerke

Rabbits Showmanship: Junior: Brooke Anderson; Senior- Jenna Ellison

Sheep Showmanship: Junior: Jeanette Berry; Senior- Madison Kratzer

Junior and Senior Swine Showmanship: Junior: Kiersten Luttrell and Luke Pyle; Senior- Kinley Shane and Tyler Gerke

Champion Breeding Stock and market animal awards:

Dairy Goats: Jessica Phillips, Best senior Doe in Show, Grand and Reserve Champion, Nigerian Dwarf; Best junior Doe in Show, Champion, Nigerian Dwarf; Becca Younce, Reserve junior Champion, Nigerian Dwarf.

Meat Goats: Emma Slaughter, Overall Grand Champion; Hannah Boatright, Overall Reserve Grand Champion; Heather Savage, Overall Grand Champion Boer Breeding Stock; Jessica Phillips, Overall Reserve Grand Champion Boer Breeding Stock; Jessica Phillips, Overall Grand Champion Boer Buck; Emma Slaughter, Overall Grand Champion Doe; Heather Savage, Overall Reserve Grand Champion Doe.

Poultry: Jacob Selvey, Best in Show, Black Australopp, Champion Large Fowl; Rachel Thompson, Reserve Champion in Show, Cayuga Duck, Reserve Duck, Khaki Campbell, Champ Goose; Trevor Nesler, Reserve Large Fowl; Mallory Kroeger, Champion Bantam

Rabbits: Jenna Ellison, Best in Show, Mini Rex, Best 6 Class; Brittany Hall, Reserve in Show, Mini Rex, Best 4 Class; Brittany Hall, Grand Meat Pen, California; Jonathan Curtis, Reserve Meat Pen, New Zealands; Brittany Hall, Best 4 Class junior Doe, Mini Rex; Hannah Anderson, Reserve 4 Class junior Doe, Mini Lop; Jenna Ellison, Best 4 Class Jr Buck, Havana; Brittany Hall, Reserve 4 Class Jr Buck, Mini Rex; Jessica Farmer, Best Sr Buck Flemish Giant; Kandyn Hotsenpiller, Reserve Sr Buck 4 Class; Brittany Hall, Best 4 Class Sr Doe, Reserve 4 Class, Mini Rex; Jessica Farmer, Grand Champion and Best senior Buck 6 Class, Flemish Giant.

Sheep: Stacia Luttrell, Overall Grand and Reserve Champion Market Lamb; Addie Berry, Champion junior Ram; Jeanette Berry, Champion junior Ewe.

Swine: Tyler Gerke, Overall Grand Champion Market Hog, Crossbred; Stacia Luttrell, Overall Reserve Grand Champion, Crossbred; Tyler Gerke, Overall Grand Champion Breeding Gilt-Yorkshire; Aevery Black, Overall Reserve Champion Breeding Gilt-Berkshire; Champion Berkshire; Wes Lloyd, Champion Duroc; Morgan Locke, Reserve Champion Duroc; Joseph Hogan, Champion Poland; Mallory Kroeger, Champion Spot; Chase Bybee, Overall Grand Champion Boar, Spot; Anthony Hawkins, Overall Reserve Grand Champion Boar, Hampshire; Lyla Bybee, Reserve Champ; Kinley Shane, Reserve Champion Yorkshire; Jorja Fosnow, Champion Crossbred; Taylor Shireman, Reserve Champion.

Beef, Breeding Stock: David Stout, Overall Grand Champion Female, Crossbred; Jordann Gregory, Overall Reserve Grand Champion Female, Hereford

Champion Angus: Tyler Gerke

Champion Hereford: Jordann Gregory; Reserve Champion, Macy Reed

Champion Lemflex: Laney Pace Jones

Champion Maintainer: Brittany Higgins

Champion Crossbred, David Stout: Reserve Champion, Abby Ditmer

Champion Bred and Owned: Haleigh Ferguson.

Overall Champion Bull and Champion Beefalo Bull: Zach McCoy.

Overall Reserve Champion and Champion Crossbred: Abby Ditmer.

Overall Champion Market Beefalo Heifer: Tyler Gerke

Steers: Dylan Deuschle, Overall Grand Champion Steer, Crossbred; Tyler Gerke: Overall Reserve Champion Steer, Maine Anjou

Champion Charolais: Carsen Meyer

Champion Chianina: Stacia Luttrell; Reserve Champion, Jordann Gregory

Champion Hereford: Jordann Gregory; Reserve Champion, Hanna Gregory

Champion Maine Anjou: Tyler Gerke; Reserve Champion, Delaney Meyer

Champion Maintainer: Aaron Breheim

Champion Shorthorn: Kiersten Luttrell

Champion Crossbred: Dylan Deuschle; Reserve Champion, Shani Deuschle

5 to 7 year olds may show Bobby Calves and Pee Wee Animals. Participants who showed Bobby Calves: Blaine Arnett, Hunter Arnett, Zachary Cordes, Kaysen Milsap, Maggie Reed, and Wyatt Shireman. Those who showed Pee Wee: Goats -Zachary Cordes and Zander Shapley. Lambs-Katherine Berry; Dairy Goats-Garrett Younce; and Swine – Zachary Cordes, Ivy Elwell, Bailey Hawkins, and Reagan Sneed.

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