‘Day Without Immigrants’ action seen in some Missouri cities

Staff and wire reports

The national “Day Without Immigrants” Thursday included actions in Missouri’s larger metropolitan areas.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Cherokee Street, the hub of traditional Mexican cuisine in St. Louis, was mostly quiet at lunch hour Thursday after several restaurants closed in solidarity.

Meanwhile, the Kansas City Star reports that 400 to 500 protesters gathered near City Hall, many holding banners and signs such as “Somos America,” which translates to “We’re America.”

In Sedalia and Pettis County, widespread activity hasn’t been found, despite reports on the Democrat’s social media pages. Sedalia Police Chief John DeGonia and Pettis County Sheriff Kevin Bond said their departments are not involved with any immigration enforcement action. There were reports of a sick out at Tyson’s facility in Pettis County and reports of a Immigration rally at the Pettis County Courthouse were unfounded Thursday.

Officials at Tyson’s Sedalia plant wouldn’t comment on the worker absences, however, they issued a statement Thursday.

“Absentee levels at some locations are higher than normal. However, all of our plants are operating today. Team Members should continue to notify their manager if they decide not to come into work,” the statement said.

If the federal Immigration and Enforcement Agency carried out any sort of immigration arrests, they wouldn’t necessarily notify local law enforcement agencies. Attempts to contact ICE Thursday were unsuccessful.

The protests are in response to President Donald Trump’s pledge to increase deportation of immigrants living in the country illegally, build a wall along the Mexican border, and ban people from certain majority-Muslim countries from coming into the U.S.

Staff and wire reports

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