Healthy U Class of 2015 hits halfway mark

John Bates Bates

Connie Chevalier Chevalier

Kevin Holbert Holbert

Mike Jenkins Jenkins

Tesa Jenkins Jenkins

Carrie Martin Gudde Martin Gudde

Kristen Patrick Patrick

Ashley Peck Peck

April Provance Provance

Marina Scheiner Scheiner

Jaymi Wells Wells

Kami Wolf Wolf

Second quarter check-in

John Bates

Current weight: 225.8

Pounds lost: 91.6

Inches lost: 76.75

Fun fact: John is down 76.75 inches (measured over 11 locations on the body).

“Healthy U has been quite an adventure so far. I’ve made more friends, worked harder, and progressed farther than I ever expected. I think we’ve all proven that anything is possible, and I hope the next six months is just as exciting.”

Connie Chevalier

Current weight: 244.8

Pounds lost: 25.4

Inches lost: 19

Fun fact: Connie went from 0 push-ups in January to 21 push-ups in one minute in July.

“My weight-loss journey has been both challenging and rewarding. The challenging part has been learning to eat well, along with incorporating an exercise program into my daily routine. I was a fast-food junkie, mostly because it was fast and easy. I learned I can still have a cheeseburger and fries, but I fix them at home using healthy ingredients. I can’t say I like to exercise, but I love the results; so I just do it. My rewards have been many. I am no longer exhausted; I am getting stronger every day. I am feeling great! Plus, I’m looking great! I am so blessed to be part of this wonderful Healthy U journey.

“I am stronger today than I was yesterday.”

Kevin Holbert

Current weight: 210.4

Pounds lost: 59.6

Inches lost: 47.25

Fun fact: Kevin is down 47.25 inches.

“Healthy U has definitely been an adventure so far. I have learned to stretch my body in ways I didn’t know it would go, I have learned that I could walk further than what I thought I could without breathing hard and I have made many new friendships who are sharing in this adventure. I have lost weight and many inches off of my body, but the best part is I feel healthier even through the setbacks. I am enjoying sharing this journey with my classmates who provide so much support. This is worth every hour it takes.”

Mike Jenkins

Current weight: 258.8

Pounds lost: 45.2

Inches lost: 34

Fun fact: Mike is down 34 inches and went from five push-ups in January to 24 push-ups in one minute in July.

“Everyone says ‘you only get out of life what you put into it.’ Exercise is the only endeavor I know where you can get more out than you put in. Commitment to a regular routine of exercise, coupled with good nutrition and reasonable eating habits, multiplied by time, will yield a body capable of exerting far more physical energy for far longer duration than went into the exercise program.”

Tesa Jenkins

Current weight: 257.4

Pounds lost: 45.4

Inches lost: 36

Fun fact: Tesa is down 30 inches and went from 0 sit-ups in January to 45 in July.

“Healthy U has been one of the most influential events in my life thus far. I have gained mental strength, self-confidence and have been able to put some physical fears aside. I am at about half my weight loss goal, but the journey is certainly a long way from over; in fact it’s really just getting started! My son is also learning healthy eating and physical habits for his future and he was one of the most important people I had hoped to inspire.”

Carrie Martin Gudde

Current weight: 196.6

Pounds lost: 33

Inches lost: 30

Fun fact: Carrie is down 30 inches and and has 33 pounds.

“Healthy U has been more than I could ever imagine. I was looking for tools to take control of my life and my weight that was out of control. Healthy U has given me so much more than tools, it’s given me friendships that are very important. Understanding to why I overeat, and peace. I’m not there yet, but daily I am a kinder person to myself. I like the person in the mirror.”

Kristen Patrick

Current weight: 209.2

Pounds lost: 30

Inches lost: 25.5

Fun fact: Kristen has lost 30 pounds and 25.5 inches.

“This journey has been one of the toughest things I’ve done. I’ve had to learn how to be patient with myself. Often when I didn’t lose weight or I didn’t work out like others, I felt like I was failing. I’ve now learned that just because you may fail to lose weight one week or you fail to run that mile you planned to run, that doesn’t mean you are a failure. With any long journey you have to prepare yourself for obstacles. You can’t give up when the road is hard. The end result is too important. Don’t quit!”

Ashley Peck

Current weight: 243

Pounds lost: 45

Inches lost: 36.5

Fun fact: Ashley has improved on every fitness measure.

“Thankful for my One. One body. I was only given one and am working with a wonderful group of people to get it back to where it was intended to be. I’m making new memories with great people and having fun. Setting goals I wouldn’t have set for myself a year or two ago. Inspiration. I am finding inspiration everywhere, but mostly in the people closest to me who are watching this great transformation. There is a huge support for anyone (Healthy U or not) to make life-altering changes. Don’t hesitate to make a better life for yourself. Go out and grab it!


While I am working on my bicep curls…

Katie Jobe (fitness coach): ‘So how does it feel?’

Ashley: ‘Feels like I’m makin’ muscles.’

Worth every minute of it!”

April Provance

Current weight: 263.6

Pounds lost: 34.8

Inches lost: 15.5

Fun fact: April went from completing seven push-ups in one minute in January to 30 in July.

“My Healthy U journey so far has been quite a roller coaster. There have been challenges I was aware of beforehand such as pushing myself physically and staying on track with my nutrition. What I didn’t see coming was all of the emotions involved in this process. To say I was a mess is somewhat of an understatement. It is very hard to confront all of the things you don’t like about yourself and in the same process learn to love yourself. I am definitely stronger physically and I feel better than I ever have. I can do things that I couldn’t do before, like run. However, the feeling of being a stronger person mentally is by far the best reward I could have ever received.”

Marina Scheiner

Current weight: 199.4

Pounds lost: 26.2

Inches lost: 30

Fun fact: On July 23, Marina made it to less than 200 pounds after starting at 226 pounds. She also went from one sit-up in January to 41 sit-ups in one minute in July.

“I’m really grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the 2015 Healthy U Class. We are halfway through our year and certainly I would not be where I am without this opportunity. I am physically stronger, healthier, and thinner. I have broken some bad habits and persisted through a knee surgery. It has been hard, but I keep plugging away, one day, one workout, one meal at a time. Have I been perfect? Far from it. Have I learned a lot? You bet! I’m so glad I had the courage to apply and would encourage anyone to do the same.”

Jaymi Wells

Current weight: 183.2

Pounds lost: 14.4

Inches lost: 18.25

Fun fact: Jaymi has lost 18.25 inches and has a 4:22 half mile.

“The support of the Healthy U family is truly amazing. They won’t let me quit.”

Kami Wolf

Fun fact: Kami has kept exercise and good nutrition as priorities though other changes and challenges in her life.

“Healthy U participants lift the spirits and strengthen one another. This positive energy is felt by the whole group since we are all connected with one common goal: to become healthier and stronger.”

*Starting weight is from Jan. 17 and current weight is from July 23.


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