Council hears positive financial update

The Sedalia City Council heard a presentation during its meeting Monday regarding the city’s finances, and it received mostly good news.

Finance Director Kelvin Shaw presented his monthly financial update during the pre-council meeting, stating that sales tax revenue in June 2015 is up 32.2 percent from June 2014.

“Which was really good news, but it’s really just offsetting last month,” he told council. “If you recall, we reported it was way down last month. It’s not unusual for us to have humps and valleys in the sales tax like that, but what’s really important is the year-to-day, and it’s tracking at 5.7 percent. If you all will recall, we budgeted a 4 percent, so we’re tracking well with the budget, a little better than the budget.”

Shaw noted that franchise and cigarette taxes were down again month over month over the last two years, and again on the year-to-day, down about 2.2 percent.

“That’s a trend that’s continuing. Franchise taxes, as we have fewer telephones, land lines, the franchise taxes are going to go down on it, electricity, people are conserving more so franchise taxes are going to go down,” Shaw explained. “I’d say that trend is going to continue at about that rate and we budgeted accordingly.”

On the expenditure side, Shaw said some of the bigger increases were seen in public safety and fire protection, while transportation stayed “fairly consistent.”

The Parks and Recreation Department has its own revenue fund, and Shaw pointed out an expenditure increase over this time last year due to the department’s payment for Jennie Jaynes Stadium being paid earlier this year, along with the high expense of renovating the slides at both city pools this spring.

“Projects in the capital improvement fund and general revenue fund, those are down a little bit this year but you see the large swings two years ago — there were a lot of projects going on and that was when we were doing the intentional spend down of the general revenue fund balance,” Shaw said.

During the meeting council also:

• Approved a bid for$17,480 from 8760 Service Group LLC for five two-yard dumpsters, 17 four-yard dumpsters, and five six-yard dumpsters.

• Approved a bid of $105,019 and an ordinance approving and accepting an agreement with Poort Excavating LLC for storm drainage improvements, project areas 3, 9 and 26, which are from the storm water master plan previously approved by council.

• Approved a resolution stating interest to seek funding through the Community Development Block Grant Program and authorizing Mayor Steve Galliher to pursue activities in an attempt to secure funding. A public hearing was hosted regarding the new Missouri Valley Community Action Agency Early Childhood Education facility during the June 1 meeting.

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