Banking on Pettis County’s youth

Greg Wehrman sits at his desk Wednesday morning at Central Bank of Sedalia. Wehrman is a senior vice president in charge of agriculture loans who has worked at the bank for 22 years. “I have a passion for agriculture and helping the next generation of farmers and the youth in the area,” Wehrman said. “I think I have always been slanted in those two directions.”

Banking is Greg Wehrman’s occupation. For the last 22 years, he has worked at Central Bank of Sedalia, (formerly Third National Bank). Working with and helping the youth of Pettis County has been his life-long goal.

“I really think it takes everyone pitching in and working together to help a child become who they can be,” Wehrman said. “Sometimes they can get a little off course and so all of us should help keep them on the right path.”

In his job at the bank, Wehrman serves as a senior vice president. He is responsible primarily for agricultural loans.

“I really like it when I get to help a young farmer who is just starting out,” Wehrman said. “They are so young and energetic and full of fire; I like to help them get started and see them grow.”

Wehrman knows what it is like to start out as a young farmer. He graduated from the University of Missouri- Columbia in 1984 with a degree in agriculture. His first job was working in a feedlot and from there he moved to a turkey farm.

“I worked at both of those jobs and I thought that I had had enough of those experiences,” he said with a laugh. “When an opportunity to work came up at the Farmer’s Home Administration in Cassville, I decided I would take it.”

After four years there, Wehrman moved to Pettis County area in 1993 and has developed strong roots in the community.

Wehrman currently serves on multiple boards and committees whose focus is working with children. He is a member of the Smithton R-VI School Board, the Smithton Town and County Fair Board, the Kiwanis Club, The Smithton Area Foundation for Education, The Smithton Vo-Agriculture Council, and is a member of the church council at Christ and Trinity Lutheran Church in Sedalia.

“I like doing things that help the youth in our area,” Wehrman said. “The sole purpose of the Kiwanis Club is to help local kids in our community.”

Wehrman has been a member of that organization since he began at the bank. He currently is the secretary/treasurer for that organization. He has been a member of the fair board for 12 years and that too has allowed him the chance to work with and give back to the area youth.

“It is such a wonderful feeling to know that the work we do on the Fair Board makes it possible for us to give 10 Smithton students a $500 dollar scholarship,” Wehrman said. “The fair is centered on agriculture and so it is a good fit for me.

“I’ve always had a passion for agriculture,” he added. “I’ve started to see the children of some of my first customers at the bank come in for loans. It is very satisfying to help a second generation farmer bring farming to the next level with the new technology that is available to them and their new techniques.”

In the little spare time that he has, Wehrman spends time with his wife, Tricia, and their young daughter Riley who is 10. They are also parents to four adult children. On their farm, they have a small herd of cattle and some pigs that they raise.

“I love where I’m at with my family,” Wehrman added. “I like the fact that all of the best features of the state are within a 20 minute drive. The hills, the tress, and the rocks of the Ozarks are down south and the prairie and river bottoms and farmland is all around.

“I’m blessed to be where I’m at and doing what I do.”

Sedalia Democrat
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