Progress continues on Trail’s End project

Tim Eppenauer, left, and Dennis Steele discuss the placement of stakes after surveying the parking area at The Starline Brass Trail’s End Plaza last Friday morning. According to Gary McMullin, project manager for the construction projects at the site, the parking area and bridge construction, as well as moving the fences behind the parking should be completed by the start of the Missouri State Fair on Aug. 13, weather permitting.

Dave Montgomery of B & P Excavating runs a compactor at the site of the parking area at the Trail’s End Plaza. The equipment is designed to compress the ground down in preparation for the area to be paved. This stage of the work is part of a Department of Natural Resource $100,000 grant that the committee was awarded.

John Cover runs a CAT as he grades the work area at Trail’s End. Prior to the start of the Fair, the parking area, bridge construction, and rock work as well as moving the fence behind the parking is expected to be completed if the weather will cooperate.

Less than two months since the dedication of the Starline Brass Trail’s End Plaza, committee members are still hard at work on the next stages of the project.

Tonight will be a time to celebrate the success to date of the project with the viewing of “The Trail’s End Sedalia Dedication Episode” on RFD TV.

“It’s exciting for all of us to have Sedalia featured on a nationally syndicated show,” Dr. Doug Kiburz, a member of the Trail’s End Committee, said. “It’s a chance for everyone who attended and those who couldn’t make the event to catch up with the activity on Trail’s End.”

A production crew came to Sedalia to film the 30-minute program over a weeklong stay. The program tells the story of the history of the Trail’s End Project, the April 25 dedication and the weekend events surrounding the dedication.

Rodney Miller and Missouri native Jann Carl host the show.

“The producers sent me a 15-second trailer a few days ago,” Kiburz said. “There were three-second segments of five different events including the dedication and parade and the cow chip tossing contest,” Kiburz said. “I’m very excited to see the entire program.”

The show will be linked to the committee’s website,, in the upcoming coming weeks.

The RFD television show is not the only way the committee is working to preserve the history of the Trail’s End Project. A time capsule will soon be placed at the Starline Brass Trail’s End site. According to Kiburz, the event is tentatively planned for Aug. 13, the opening day for the Missouri State Fair.

“Our plans are to bury the capsule after the parade on opening day,” Kiburz said. “We want anyone who is interested in donating items for the capsule to feel welcome to do so.”

McLaughlin Funeral Chapel has donated the capsule, which is 70-inches long, 24-inches wide and 24-inches tall. There are specifications for the types of items that can be donated, Kiburz said.

“Organic (paper based) material should be placed in 100 percent polyethylene bags or Mylar D-enclosures,” Kiburz said. “Items such as wool, silk, wood, rubber or nylon fabrics should be avoided as they tend to break down and give off sulfur gas. Items should be labeled with lead pencils because ink will stain and change over time.”

The time capsule will be registered with the International Time Capsule Society. A marker will also be placed with the opening date etched in stone.

The purpose of a time capsule is to serve as a collection of the material and information about the society and time in which it was placed. Typically, they are to be opened 50 or 100 years after they are set. Kiburz encouraged individuals to submit their thoughts and writings on what society may be like in the future as well.

Anyone wishing to donate items for the Trail’s End Time Capsule should contact Liz or Dale Yelton at 221-1763 or [email protected] The committee has set a deadline of July 31 for submissions to the time capsule.

Work is also underway on the grounds at the Plaza.

Despite the rains, crews from B & P Excavating and Turpin Land Surveying LLC have recently begun work on the parking area for the Plaza.

“This is the first phase of a (Department of Natural Resources) grant that we have been awarded,” Gary McMullin, project manager for the construction stages of the project, said. “It’s a $100,000 grant that will tie the trail head to the Katy Trail State Park.”

The DNR grant has a 25 percent match and so members of the committee are continuing to raise funds for the project. The grant can be renewed up to five times. The second application for the grant will be submitted in November, according to McMullin.

Other construction projects at the site include a bridge from the plaza to the parking lot. The chain link fence will be removed and relocated behind the parking area. McMullin projects that all of this work will be completed before the Missouri State Fair begins.

“The committee is continuing their work on obtaining status as a National Historic Landmark for the project,” Kiburz said. “It is a yearlong step-by-step process that is currently underway through the Department of the Interior.”

If the designation is obtained, it would make the Trail’s End Plaza the first National Historic Landmark in Pettis County.

For more information about the Trail’s End project, visit

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