Kohl’s bringing 100 jobs to Sedalia

Workers from APAC can be seen working in the parking lot of the new Kohl’s location in Sedalia on Tuesday. Ernie Mertgen, of APAC, said they had been working for about two weeks on the parking lot, curbs and gutters, and planned to finish their portion this week. Additional workers will lay asphalt next week in the parking lot.

Scott Hofstetter, left, and Bill Rathert, of APAC, work to form curbs in the Kohl’s parking lot Tuesday afternoon.

Travis Debban smooths out a section of wallpaper near the entrance of Kohl’s on Tuesday. Debban said he has been working in Sedalia since Thursday and planned to be finished by the end of the week. He added that painters had been working on the building for about two months, and would be working up until the store opens in September.

Workers with Redi Floors lay tile near the front doors of the new Kohl’s building Tuesday afternoon. Miguel Hernandez, left, said they had been working on the project for a little more than a week.

Jeff Nickell, of JACOR Contracting, lays caulking along the outside of the new Kohl’s location Tuesday afternoon. He said he today would be his third day working on the building, and he would be working on caulking the windows.

A worker can be seen walking through the front area of the new Kohl’s location in Sedalia on Tuesday. The building was filled with workers completing a variety of tasks. Kohl’s announced Monday that the store will open in September, and the company has started the hiring process for 100 jobs.

Kohl’s has announced it is seeking employees for its new Sedalia store, located next to Menard’s near the intersection of U.S. Highway 50 and Main Street.

The new store, which is set to open in September, will bring approximately 100 part- and full-time jobs to Sedalia, and many can already be applied for online. Positions will continue to be added to the site.

City Administrator Gary Edwards said the addition of Kohl’s to the Sedalia community will have benefits for local and surrounding citizens.

“It’s another retail option for the citizens, not only of Sedalia, but of this entire region, keeping in mind that Sedalia is a retail draw for multiple counties. We’re not too close to large metro areas, so this is the main shopping area for Pettis and surrounding counties,” Edwards said. “… We anticipate that it will be of assistance to sales tax dollars, those are variable to say the least — they’re up one month, down one month, so retail can help level that out as much as possible. And, Kohl’s has a reputation as we understand from other cities as being good neighbors in the community.”

Community Development Director John Simmons said he has been working on the project since May 2010, and while it has been a long road, he agreed that Kohl’s will help with growth in the area.

“Several years ago Kohl’s recognized Sedalia as a regional market draw. We fit their profile for potential customers,” Simmons said. “We worked with their real estate broker for several years getting that specific size nailed down. … Sedalia is a regional market place, and I’m excited to see Kohl’s select Sedalia as well as for customers going to Kohl’s and businesses that will see that location and determine they need to be part of that growth also.”

According to a news release from Kohl’s, “hourly full-time positions include mainly supervisory roles in merchandising, operations, and service areas. Part-time hourly positions will include register operators, department associates, freight associates, customer service associates and more.​ Kohl’s is seeking engaged, talented, results-oriented individuals to deliver and bring exceptional customer service to life.”

“The new Kohl’s store in Sedalia will bring 100 jobs, amazing products and incredible savings to shoppers in the area,” Amanda Lively, Kohl’s district manager, said in the release. “We’re looking to build a winning team of associates who are empowered to deliver exceptional customer service.”

Both Edwards and Simmons agreed that the benefit of Kohl’s in Sedalia extends to both more retail options for customers and more jobs for citizens.

“A retail outlet such as that helps fuel the economic engine for the community. The fact they’re bringing in that large number of jobs is of great assistance to Sedalia and the surrounding area,” Edwards said. “It’s not only a retail draw for the multi-county region, it’s also a jobs draw — people come here to work, they come here to shop. … Kohl’s will provide a source for making us more attractive as a job source for this entire region.”

According to the Kohl’s website, to apply, candidates must be at least 17 years of age and be able to pass a drug screen. Applicants may visit KohlsCareers.com/New-Stores for information on available positions and how to apply.

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