Speed limit to increase on Route 13 from Higginsville to Clinton

LAFAYETTE COUNTY – Starting this week, the speed limit on state Route 13 will increase from 55 to 60 mph, from I-70 at Higginsville to state Route 7 headed into Clinton. Customers will see signs changing beginning the week of Jan. 25, weather permitting.

The change is the result of a speed study conducted by the Missouri Department of Transportation. This is a major corridor in the rural part of the state that services approximately 4,000 vehicles a day. Changing the speed limit allows traffic to move at more uniform speeds which reduces the risk of crashes. This is one of several safety improvements along this stretch of roadway that also includes an overlay for an improved riding surface, and the addition of edgeline and centerline rumble stripes.

As a reminder, legally, the speed limit is as posted until the signs are changed.

Release courtesy of Missouri Department of Transportation

Sedalia Democrat

Release courtesy of Missouri Department of Transportation

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