Smith-Cotton opens activity complex track for public use

By Hope Lecchi - [email protected]

By Hope Lecchi

[email protected]

Sedalia School District 200 officials are hoping area residents will take advantage of an opportunity they believe is a win-win for the community.

The District is now selling lifetime passes to interested individuals that will allow them unlimited access to the track at the Jennie Jaynes Activity Complex.

“The only time the track will not be available to the public is when there is an activity taking place at the complex,” Assistant Superintendent Steve Triplett said. “The community helped to build the facility and so we want to share it with the patrons of the district.”

Tiger Stadium and the activity complex opened in April 2015.

“One of our Board of Education members, Scott Gardner, had the idea that we ought to let the public use the facility,” Triplett said. “Once he brought it up all of the board members thought it was a great idea and they all jumped on board to make this happen.

“We set a lifetime price of $5 for the swipe cards that will allow entry into the stadium,” Triplett added. “Each person has to have a card because we have installed a turnstile gate and each person will need to swipe their card to get through the turnstile.”

The district has established some basic guidelines for use of the track.

• If an individual loses their swipe card, they are responsible for purchasing a new card.

• Refunds will not be issued on any card purchase.

• Individuals are not permitted to be on the field or bleachers at the stadium at any time.

• Track equipment such as hurdles, jump pads, jump pits, throw pits, etc. are strictly prohibited

• Strollers, bikes, skates or skateboards, etc., will not be allowed in the complex

• No food, gum, sunflower seeds, tobacco products, colored sports drinks or beverages other than water will be allowed.

“We want people to treat the facility with respect,” Triplett said. “We want them to take ownership of the facility and we hope that if anyone sees someone not following the guidelines they will call and report any misuse or vandalism they may witness.”

The stadium is equipped with a 24-hour video surveillance system that will be used to monitor the track.

“We’re playing it by ear as to lighting,” Triplett said. “We are certainly not opposed to having more lights on at night but we’ll have to see when the community uses the facility and how much natural light we have.

“As the days get warmer and longer there may not be much of a need to have more lights on,” he added.

Restrooms will be available at the east end of the visitor’s locker room for use by patrons, but the district does not assume responsibility for items brought to the track or for accidents that may occur while individuals use the track.

“I know Mr. Pollitt and the administration in the district values the relationship and support that we have from the community,” Triplett said. “We have a great sense of pride for Sedalia and we want to share the school facilities with the public whenever we have the opportunity to do so.”

Cards may be purchased at the Central Office, 2010 Tiger Pride Blvd. For more information, call the central office at 829-6450.

Hope Lecchi can be reached at 660-826-1000 ext. 1484

Hope Lecchi can be reached at 660-826-1000 ext. 1484

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