State Fair Community College board hears Navigator Program success

By Hope Lecchi - [email protected]

By Hope Lecchi

[email protected]

At the State Fair Community College Board of Trustees meeting Tuesday, the members heard of the success of a program that is helping the college to fulfill one of their primary missions: student success.

Dr. Joe Gilgour, Dean of Student and Academic Support Services, spoke to the board about the Navigators program at SFCC.

Approved by the board in July 2014, the program began in October 2014 and is designed to advise students and help them achieve their educational goals.

“When we began the program we had three primary goals,” Gilgour said. “The first was to increase the fall-to-fall cohort retention rate by 2 percent.

Second, we wanted to increase our three-year cohort graduation rate by 2 percent and finally we wanted to increase our fall-spring performance retention three-year average,” Gilgour added. “When we came to you with the program we asked for $350,000 to complete the funding of the program with the goal of paying for the program in three years.”

Gilgour said the program has seen success in all areas and has already exceeded their goals including financially.

“Our fall-to-fall cohort retention rate is up 5 percent, which is the college’s largest ever that we can find,” Gilgour said. “We have seen increases in our other goals as well.

“Our R2T4 (the amount of federal aid monies required to be returned to the government if a student does not stay in school) is also down over $100,000, which is a substantial savings to the college,” Gilgour added.

Since the program began, the expenditures have been $709,897.59 and the total revenue/reallocation has been $720,055.73.

“The net profit for the college has been $10,158.14 so we have paid for the program after one year,” Gilgour said.

“I can’t compliment the staff enough for their hard work and the board for approving the Navigator program,” President Dr. Joanna Anderson said. “The primary focus for the college has always been student learning and success and this program is helping our students obtain those goals.”

At the meeting, the board approved, pending final approval of the 2017 budget, 88 full-time faculty and coordinators/directors who have teaching positions, 102 full-time exempt positions and 53 administrative/hourly employees, bringing the total full-time staff at the college to 243.

A new full time position that was created is an instructor/coordinator for a new medical assisting program, which will begin next fall.

“The Affordable Care Act requires that all medical assistants be certified,” Dr Brent Bates, vice president for education and student support services, told the trustees. “This program is in response to employee needs at area hospitals and doctor’s offices in our service area.”

The program will primarily be online but will be housed at the Truman Regional Education Center in Clinton.

In other personnel matters, the board hired Michael Wright as executive director of the CTC and Melissa Bussey as a nursing instructor at the college.

In other actions the board approved a contract with Great Western Dining for the 2017 year. This is the first year of a five-year agreement with Great Western.

The board also:

• Adopted the room and board rates for 2017. The rates were set at $2,500, which is the same as the current year.

• Adopted Policy and Regulation 4126 regarding faculty credentials.

• Accepted a proposal from Callis Integrated Marketing of Sedalia for media buyer services in the amount of $24,000. The terms of the contract include an option to renew the contract annually for two additional years at a cost of $25,200 in 2018 and $26,400 in 2019.

Callis will assist the college’s Marketing and Communications in planning and buying media within the school’s allocated budget of $105,000.

• Approved the use of Sapp Design Associates P.C. of Springfield to provide architectural services for the Hopkins Students Services Repair and Renovation Project.

• Accepted unconditionally all art objects described by the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art, a facility owned and operated by SFCC. The State Fair Community College Foundation Board of Directors on Nov. 19, 2015, voted unanimously to unconditionally give, transfer and assign these objects to the Daum Museum. The acquisitions committee voted by the majority to accept Oct. 12, 2015:

— Joyce Jablonski (American, b. 1956), Triptych from the series Diana Burning Target, 2014-2015; porcelaneous tiles with glaze and decals; 36 by 108 inches.

— Steven Young Lee (American, b. 1975), Red, Blue and White, 2013; porcelain, copper inlay, cobalt inlay, white slip, glaze, aluminum, glass shelving; 46 by 50 by 4 inches.

— Lauren Mabry (American, b. 1985), Composition of Enclosed Cylinders, 2015; earthenware, slips, glaze; 27 by 42 by 6 inches.

— Ralph Bacerra (American, 1930-2008), Large Untitled Vessel, 1998; glazed and lustered earthenware; 22 by 27 inches.

— Viola Frey (American, 1933-2004), Plate, 1988; glazed earthenware; 32 by 4 inches.

Hope Lecchi can be reached at 660-826-1000 ext. 1484

Hope Lecchi can be reached at 660-826-1000 ext. 1484

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