High flying fun at Cub Scout day camp

Abraham Carlos, 8, prepares to fire his BB gun as Cub Master Matt Pennock of Pack 6 from Marshall provides instruction and a steadying hand. The two were part of the Cub Scouts Day Camp, “Taking Flight,” on the Missouri State Fairgrounds June 25-27. Eighty-six Cub Scouts from Pettis, Saline and Benton counties participated in the three-day event. As part of this activity, the scouts were taught gun safety and how to properly hold and shoot a gun.

Leo Aguilar aims his sling shot at the target early Saturday morning at the Cub Scout three-day camp on the Missouri State Fairgrounds. The boys were shooting dog food at the targets.

A group of Cub Scouts plays Frisbee football Saturday morning. As part of the day’s activities, all the boys had the opportunity to play in the game. “It’s really been a lot of fun getting to learn new things,” Elijah Wells said. “Except for the huge thunderstorm we had on Thursday night,” he added. The scouts were evacuated to State Fair Community College during the Thursday evening storms.

Boy Scouts Christian Johnson, left, and Spencer John fill water balloons for the final activity of the “Taking Flight” Cub Scout three-day camp. The scouts were taking part in a massive water balloon fight. The two boys were on hand to help at the camp and said they thought they would fill 300 balloons for the event. Each team would get 50 balloons for the contest.

A three-day camp can always provide fun opportunities. A three-day camp involving 86 Cub Scouts and their pack leaders and sponsors only multiplies that fun.

The Osage Trails Day Camp theme this year was “Taking Flight.” The event was filled with activities for the young men to participate in that had them looking to the sky as they learned numerous skills.

“We centered most of the activities on the theme of flight,” Brian Geary, organizer of the event, said. “We had a hot air balloon, a radio-controlled airplane flying demonstrations, a chance for the boys to make their own rockets and some of our usual activities too.”

Some of those activities included making birdhouses, shooting slingshots and a gun safety class where the boys learned how to handle and fire a BB gun.

“It’s important to demonstrate gun safety to the boys,” Matt Pennock, a cub master representing Pack 6 in Marshall, said. “We teach them gun safety including how to hold and shoot a BB gun at the event.”

The scouts in attendance represented troops from Saline, Benton and Pettis counties.

“Brian has a great deal of experience running a camp like this,” Hayden Slivinski, District Executive for the Cub Scouts, said. “Most of this is done with volunteers and they are doing an awesome job. I’m really happy to see it go off like this,” he added.

The only thing that did dampen the spirits of the campers happened Thursday night when Sedalia once again experienced a line of thunderstorms moving through the area.

“The hot air balloon was just getting set up and we thought everything was ready to go when we heard the storm warnings,” Geary said. “The people at State Fair Community College were great because they let us take shelter in their facility until we got the all clear.”

The camp was hosted on the Missouri State Fair Grounds directly behind the SFCC campus.

The camp was not an overnight camp. June 25 and 26 the events were from 6 to 9 p.m. and all day Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Not that the boys were planning to get much rest during the weekend.

“It’s really been fun,” Elijah Wells, 10, of Sedalia, said. “I’ve been getting to learn a lot of new things. We had a huge thunderstorm on Thursday night so that was kind of disappointing but everything else has been really great,” he added.

Geary’s co-organizer, Brianna Radu, was also pleased with the camp.

This is my first year helping in this capacity,” Radu said. “I think everyone is having a good time. My two boys are here and they are both having fun.”

The boys were also able to take part in two games that continued the flight theme.

Many of those in attendance eagerly awaited their opportunity to challenge each other in a game of Frisbee football but the event they all said they were looking forward to was the final activity of the camp: the water balloon fight.

Spencer Johnson and Christian Johnson spent more than an hour filling up hundreds of water balloons for the event. The two boys are Boy Scouts and were volunteering at the camp.

“Each team gets 50 balloons and I think there are maybe eight teams,” Christian said. “It should be really good,” he added with a knowing smile.

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