Presidential hopefuls powerless to save

by Richard DeFord - Associate Pastor of Katy Park Baptist Church

by Richard DeFord

Associate Pastor of Katy Park Baptist Church

The election season is in full swing, in case you live under a rock and haven’t heard. This year the people of the United States are more divided than I can ever remember. We seem to have divisions based on race, faith, economics, traditional values versus progressive. Everyone has an opinion and a voice and are not afraid to shout it from the rooftop, or the deep dark recesses of their living room under the glow of their computer monitor.

But with all of the noise, do we ever stop to think what God would say about the culture in which we live today? I remember a time when I was overwhelmed with griping in my early 20s. Griping about people, loneliness and church. A dear brother who has since gone on to be with the Lord rebuked me by saying, “Brother, in the grand scheme of things, what does all of that matter anyway?”

Those words ring as true for me today as they did then. What does it all matter? You know, every single one of us will die. For those who are suffering with cancer or watching a loved one fade away with Alzheimer’s, I wonder how much all the vitriol of the political season weighs on their hearts and minds. If I were a wagering man, which I am not, I might be inclined to say they don’t think about all the political nonsense very often.

The truth is, what matters most is that every single one of us will stand face to face with, not a president or a worldly judge, but the creator of all. He will not judge us based on a political ideology or opinion but based on fact. And there is nothing that can be said at that point in our defense.

When we stand before Him, He will not ask whether we were Republican, Democrat or confused. He will not herald the important work of defending the unborn or caring for the elderly, though both of these causes are extremely important. God is only concerned with one question — “what have you done with my Son?”

The Bible is clear that all of us fall short of God’s standard. We are completely incapable, no matter how “good” we think we are, to please God by doing good work. It is as if the gulf between us and Him is from here to the space station and all we have is a happy meal-sized bag of Legos. We can never stack enough blocks on top of one another to reach Him. That is why He sent His Son, not to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.

Many of us grew up hearing the gospel in a verse, John 3:16. We hear about the love of God and it makes us smile but we completely forget the second part of the verse, “that whosoever believes in Him will not perish.”

We were powerless, God through Jesus Christ was and is omnipotent. While we were still lost in our sin, Jesus Christ died for us, the ungodly. That is the truth of the gospel and why this season of Lent and Easter is so important to those who consider themselves the “whosoevers.”

Many individuals have questioned how so many people can suffer if God truly exists and it is a fair question. But a good follow up question is, “why are there so many dirty people when there are so many methods of cleaning available.” The fact is, those methods have to be used in order for cleansing to happen, and so it is with Jesus Christ.

Unless you believe, you will not see life, and in fact the Bible says that the wrath of God abides on us who have not believed. Praise God that He did not leave us trapped in our place of sin and shame, but made a way for us to be saved. For His word tells us that there is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

I said all that to say this. No matter your political affiliation, your presidential hopeful has no power to save you. Only God can save you by the power of Jesus Christ. Won’t you surrender to Him so that you can live in hope and truly experience the change that can only come from loving the one who created you?

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