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“I am in the gap. I have a small passbook account and life insurance policy that knocks me out of Medicaid. I don’t meet income parameters to receive a subsidy on individual health insurance. The cost of a policy is cost-prohibitive due to the cost of premium and deductibles. If the state would expand medicaid it would help a lot of people and might even get the representatives some votes from the people they are supposed to represent.”

“Steve Galliher has the support of the firefighters and police. They get whatever they want. Look at the new fire station and the new cars they are getting and fancy computers. What about what the rest of the city needs? They look at Galliher like he is Santa Claus and the rest of the council like his elves.”

“I apologize, Victoria. Who did it? I mean the first one.”

“I can hardly wait with all the excitement of seeing the new $1 million fire truck sitting on the new $100,000 driveway. Now I guess they will put in sprinklers and sod it and it will be so beautiful.”

“What a sad and sorry state of affairs it is when big business can pay $1.2 billion to avoid criminal prosecution.”

“Allen Hawkins had a nice ad in the paper two weeks ago.”

“Vote, vote, vote for Steve Galliher for mayor. Sedalia can’t afford a has-been.”

“You can get by with anything in Sedalia if you know the right people and have enough money.”

“People talking about mayors running for mayor. Don’t listen to what those mayors say they are going to do for you. If the council don’t approve it they can’t do anything. The mayor can only break a tie. No matter what he says, if the council doesn’t agree with you, they aren’t going to do it.”

“Regarding the article about Smith-Cotton boys baseball team, their season starting. Out of respect why couldn’t the returning seniors be mentioned. Yes, we are interested in others than just the elite.”

“Vicky Hartzler says the government has never before licensed her car in the state of Missouri and had to provide proof of insurance. I had to.”

“Vicky Hartzler voted to shut down the government, she voted against the debt ceiling. She also voted against the poor and food stamps. The only family she cares about is making sure she gets her $300,000 farm subsidy each year.”

“I know you Republicans hate this president but I sure didn’t go fight communists in Vietnam just to come home and listen to people trash our president and praise Putin. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.”

“I know there are a lot of folks who think Mayor Hawkins sounds like a good idea, but I don’t think it matters and Galliher will win in a landslide. People just aren’t that shortsighted, right?”

“What does the fox say?”

“Apparently people don’t know Mayor Jerry Jones was the mayor. He had to resign his position because he took a new job. Allen Hawkins was voted to fill out his two year term and then was elected to a four year term after that.”

“I hate to think about it but looks like the new football complex at the high school is going to be just another fire station.”

“Due to the fact that everyone is slamming Allen Hawkins, I think he deserves another run at it. All the people that are bad mouthing him just need to meet us at the polls and we’ll see who wins.”

“Thomas Sowell, well-known educator and author of the book “The Dismantling of America,” once said: ‘I have never understood why it is greed to want to keep the money you’ve earned, but not greed to want to take someone else’s money.’”

“I am reading the article where Sacred Heart lost three recruits who are going to Smith-Cotton. I bet that didn’t go over very well.”

“I just wanted to say that if people are unhappy with the way city government has been run and the way they are spending our money, they need to get out and vote for change and vote for Allen Hawkins.”

“I would like to encourage everyone with access to the Sedalia Democrat to thoroughly read the articles concerning heroin. They are very informative and I think there is a lot of info in there people don’t know, and they should know it.”

“The Bible says the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. They took God out of schools and look what we have — the prisons are running over and no one is safe even in their own homes. Our children are being destroyed by supposedly smart people in Washington. They have taken God out of the military and turned it over to the homosexuals, Muslims and women so now we have no military. They have taken God out of our government and now we have no leadership. If anyone reads the Bible, when God was taken out they were destroyed. God help us, we are going into communism. That is their intent — to do away with God and family. Preachers, where are you?”

“We want someone who is human for mayor. We want Allen Hawkins. No machine.”

“The candidate forum made a couple things crystal clear: Galliher is the right choice for mayor, and Terry ‘Plain and Simple’ Cockrell needs to listen and learn more and talk a whole lot less.”

“Terry Cockrell did a wonderful job at the forum last night.”

“The promises Galliher made at the forum last night were the same ones he made four years ago running for city council, which proved to be worthless. What he did was make sure he took care of the city workers, fire department and police department. This is where his votes are. Look at the city. It is in terrible shape. This is what he has done in four years, along with the mayor and city council. You are the only ones that can set things right. Make sure and vote.”

“Earlier this week the sign at the old Dairy Queen had a “Hawkins for Mayor” sign out front. That’s gone now and there is a Steve Galliher sign out front. I guess they got over their brain freeze.”

“Don’t mess with people who have power because there will be repercussions, even though you did nothing wrong.”

“After watching the debate the other night I walk away with three clear choices: Steve Galliher for mayor; Jim Cunningham for First Ward and Don Meier for Third Ward. I have never seen a show like the other candidates put on there before in all my life.”

“Are you kidding me. Plain and simple, you should never be allowed to hold a position of authority. Stick to picnic organizing.”

“I really wanted to think Sedalia was at least a little open minded, but I am disappointed in a lot of these business owners and employers who won’t hire someone just because they are in a wheelchair. That is disgraceful.”

“Went to the League of Women Voters forum. I don’t even know what to say. Is it just me or does anyone else think that Hawkins and Cockrell should skip city hall and just become a crime-fighting superhero team — ‘Massage Man and Plain and Simple Boy?’”

“Abe Silverman was Sedalia’s best mayor.”

“Two weeks ago I was at the new CVS store. There were a couple young boys there, around 10 years old or younger. They were kind enough to carry my purchases my to my car for me. I asked the cashier if they had anyone to help me, but before she could answer these polite young men offered and I really appreciate their help. Their parents are doing a great job.”

“I remember when they said vote for a new jail, it will bring in lots of extra income. I just read the Pettis County financial statement for 2013. The sheriff and the jail cost us over $2 million last year. I really believe all the money we have coming in. That’s really good.”

“Our Jefferson City Republican senators have approved lowering unemployment checks from 20 weeks to 14 weeks. What were all of you thinking that voted Republican in the last election, or worse yet, those of you that didn’t vote at all?”

“This is for the lady complaining about the city giving money to the Scott Joplin festival. The problem is $30 for a ticket is way too high. I understand they have to pay the excellent artists, but that’s it in a nutshell — the ticket prices are way too high.”

“I used to laugh about it, but after hearing the replay of the forum I really think Hammer would have been the best candidate for mayor.”

“This town needs Terry Cockrell on city council to help keep the rest of them from being yes men.”

“Sedalia needs a jacuzzi, but where are they going to put it?”

“The election is pretty clear: Support and continue all the work that council and mayors and city staff have put in over the last decade to modernize this city, or turn it all over to the likes of Hawkins, Cockrell and Stevenson and then just sit around and watch as the wheels come off the bus. Think before you vote, Sedalia. Your future depends on it.”

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