We gather as members of Christ

Dear Editor:Mr. Stevenson seems to indicate he knows where the proper place American flags should be placed in churches. He ended his last letter by saying, “Put the flag back in its proper place, back in front of our church congregation.” (April 16, 2014) Of course, he gives no documentation, as if to say, because he believes this, it must be so.

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Old Glory deserves special place of honor

Dear Editor:On April 16 a letter to the editor from Larry Stevenson appeared regarding the American flag being removed from the altars of some our local churches. As Larry pointed out, it seems that taking the flag out of our sanctuaries is becoming an unfortunate trend.There is this idea of the “separation of church and state.” Old Glory represents freedom and not the separation of church and state. It has symbolized that ever since Betsy Ross presented her ...

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Easter services bring change, freedom to forefront

There is a story to be told this weekend, and local pastors are focused more on “share” than on “where.”

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Simpler times meant simpler answers

Most people believe that school children were much smarter yesterday than they are today. People don’t think schools are as good as they used to be. Nevertheless, some things seem to be harder to learn than they used to be.In the old days, you went to the unemployment office when you were looking for a job. Nowadays, you have to look all over the place for a job. If you want a job doing construction you have go you go to one place and if you want a job typing papers you have ...

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Finding the secrets to a lasting marriage

Next week, Max and I will have been married for 30 years. That’s about half my life! I have been thinking over the past few weeks about those 30 years and all the things that have gone with them. We have moved, welcomed new family members, lost family members through both death and divorce, worked on our house together, both had careers, raised a daughter, and the list goes on. Most of my thinking, though, has had to do with the idea of marriage, and why some marriages work and some don...

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Put the flags back in front of churches

Dear Editor:Second letter, same subject. Again I must write to the editor in hopes this also makes the newspaper.Why have the American Flags not been placed back in the churches? What the hell is going on? I spoke with a Catholic priest this past week (retired now, lives in Jefferson City, was at one time assigned as a Military Chaplain.) He tells me that no order has came down from anywhere for the churches to remove the American Flag from in front of the church. He tel...

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Missouri losing out in Medicaid expansion debate

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon is not perfect, but I’m happy that he is attempting to convince the fine politicians of the state of Missouri to opt in to the Medicaid expansion that is being offered by the federal government as part of the Affordable Care Act. Nixon made a stop right here in the State Fair City, at Bothwell Regional Health Center to reiterate his position that Missouri should be a part of the Medicaid expansion.And he’s right.

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Steele’s influence felt locally, nationally

As the Industrial Revolution chugged through the mid-to-late 19th century, people crowded into cities in search of factory jobs. Factory work was dangerous, hours were long, and pay was low. Muckraking journalists such as Ida Tarbell and Jacob Riis wrote articles exposing the conditions under which many factory workers lived.As middle-class Americans learned of living and working conditions in the cities, they began to form reform societies aimed at bettering their communities. The...

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A culture of sports obsession

WARRENSBURG — When it comes to athletics, Chuck Ambrose believes “we’re a bit crazy as a culture.”He’s not alone. Many are critical of Americans’ obsession with sports — from the just-completed NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament to college football’s Bowl Championship Series — and how they are driving boatloads of cash into the athletic departments of big universities. But Ambrose, president of the University of C...

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April 12-13 Sedline

“Less than 1,800 people got out to vote for the mayor? Pitiful.”•“Congratulations to the county and city police for all the drug busts that have been made. We as good citizens need to do our part — be observant and report to the TIPS hotline any suspicious behavior. Together we could make Sedalia drug free.”•“Now that the election is over, let’s see how long it takes people to go around and pick ...

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Mock accident a community effort

On Wednesday, Smith-Cotton High School students viewed a stirring reminder of the drastic implications of impaired and distracted driving with the presentation of “Every 15 Minutes,” a fatal collision scenario. Sedalia School District 200 schedules this presentation the week of Prom every other year to ensure that safe driving practices are front-of-mind for our students on that special night.SCHS teachers Steve Schilb and Teri Turner coordinated this event with the hel...

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A time of renewal and new birth

Every year that one day appears when, as I am driving down U.S. 50 Highway for whatever reason, the skeleton trees undulating in the wind show a slight, almost imperceptible tinge of green on their naked branches. The color is a little easier to see when I look out over a panoramic view, such as when as the road leads up to the intersection at state Route T.As soon as I get home from that drive, I scour the vinca bed in front of the garage, finding signs of the peonies pushing thei...

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Easter brings memories of dresses

When I was growing up, Easter weekend used to begin our spring vacation. Bright and early the following week we would begin our closet cleaning. After school, we would pull out all the winter clothes, brush them good, hang them on paper shrouded hangers and put them in the winter closet.Naturally there would be a lot of throw aways. Clothes that were too small would be passed down to the person closest to your size. For a long time, I was the youngest sister, so my clothes would go...

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It’s time to pass the criminal code revision

For the past eight years, Missouri’s prosecutors have been leaders in the effort to revise the Criminal Code. In recent years, we partnered with the Missouri Bar to tackle the revision of the Criminal Code because we know it is the right thing to do.The Criminal Code Revision that is currently being debated in the General Assembly modernizes antiquated statutes, harmonizes numerous duplicitous provisions, and gives us an important new tool in the form of a fifth felony class....

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Helen Gallie Steele and music in Sedalia

During the late 19th and early 20th century, social reformers extolled the virtues of music as healthy family entertainment and uplifting community activity. Social historians Robert Bishop and Patricia Coblentz note that “no game or pastime… enjoyed the popularity of the musicale,” whether a small, at-home affair or a larger public entertainment. Music store newspaper advertisements showed families gathered around a piano or parlor organ, happily singing together....

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