Grateful to Sedalia 200

Where the time went, I just couldn’t tell you.

It’s the same for every parent of a young person graduating high school. The first day of school was at Horace Mann, and the teacher was Ms. Darla Nichols. A great teacher who set the tone for the rest of McKenna’s school career. We then moved into Mixed Age, which seemed like a throwback, but works very well. Middle School, but only for a year and then off to Junior High School. All too quickly McKenna was in High School. On Saturday she graduated with the Smith-Cotton Class of 2016!

From that very first day, a day I wasn’t ready for, to her very last day in Sedalia 200 we have been blessed with great teachers and great experiences. The support staff in the office and the counselors was always very helpful and friendly. Janitorial and maintenance always kept the schools clean and well maintained. Let’s not forget the Sedalia 200 Administrators, they too have been part of our journey.

We will always be very thankful to Sedalia 200 for all that you do to get our kids to graduation and beyond!


and Tammie Clippert

Sedalia Democrat
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