We need another meal source

This is in response to Mr. Satnan’s comments regarding “Know What Happens to Donations”. I agree with him and his comments regarding Planet Earth. We should work together as a community to rid our town of this abomination to our city and these unscrupulous people who prey on our citizens. Open Door Thrift Store is a worthy organization who should be the recipient of these donations.

Certainly we should all contribute to Community Café and continue to support it in any way that we can. However, I disagree that they should be the only meal source or program in town. For many people who live on the East side of town and do not have transportation, Community Café isn’t an option. Just ask some of them. I often hear, “this is too far for me to walk”. We already have dedicated volunteers who are willing to continue the noon meal source on the East side of Sedalia. The Food Bank of Central and Northeast Missouri will continue to provide the food. Let’s advocate for our community go get behind these dedicated individuals and find a suitable place to continue this meal program.

As Mr. Satnan said, Sedalia is a community with a giving heart. Let’s make a commitment to find a way to continue this valuable community resource for the east side of Sedalia.

Sandra Wise

Hughesville, Mo.

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