The ‘One Issue’ in election should be experience

Jodi Dillon - Guest Columnist

This is in response to Mr. Kneibert’s commentary on being a one-issue voter. My main issue with the Republican stance on pro-life is that it seems to stop after 40 weeks of gestation. There is no grand Christian concern over that life after it’s born. Actually , the exact opposite. They are against education about birth control and providing it, against giving a living wage that would allow for someone to provide for their children. Head Start programs, children’s health insurance, all these things are voted down by our concerned pro-lifers‘. This is double talk. It’s easy to speak self righteously about something as difficult as this decision is when it truly costs you nothing but indignation.

Republicans would have you believe that abortions are just a form of birth control practiced by “loose” women that don’t want to be inconvenienced . That’s ridiculous, however, if that were the case then why are they against sex education and providing birth control?

Mr. Kniebert sites the number of abortions since 1973 but he fails to address the lives saved from “safe” legal abortions . In 1965, 17 percent of deaths due to pregnancy and child birth were the result of illegal abortions. Today , it drops to half of 1 percent if performed in the first trimester. That’s also pro-life!

This difficult decision should be left to the woman. In a country that was founded on freedom it is essential that this is protected even when some don’t agree with it. No one is pro abortion, only pro choice which is a freedom issue.

The attempt at rationalizing choosing Donald Trump as president because he is supposedly pro-life is delusional . I’m not sure what facts there are to back up anything Donald Trump believes. But it seems that most of the people voting for him don’t require facts or for him to stick with any of his own beliefs for very long.

I marvel at the people who tout their Christian values even considering a man whose life has represented none of those values. He demeans people, lies continually, and most importantly has no experience to do this job. He believes that because he was a successful ( that term is rather loosely used) business man he is somehow qualified to be president. I have a great doctor that I have been very happy with for years. He’s very good at what he does, but I wouldn’t want him to do brain surgery on me even though he’s familiar with anatomy. This country is not a dictatorship, he cannot fire people that don’t do what he wants. This job requires diplomacy, and a selfless disposition neither of which Trump possesses.

If you’re going to be a one-issue voter in this election I would hope you would choose to make that issue one of competence and experience. Mr. Kneibert acknowledges “his (Trumps) questionable background” in the area of being pro-life and seeing as he has changed his stance on other things he was most emphatic about (building the wall, deportation) I ponder why he would “choose to believe him” now? As you said Mr. Kneibert, “as far as I am concerned the choice in November is clear.” I choose someone with first hand experience in dealing with issues that affect us all in this globally connected volatile world. None of the freedoms we all enjoy will matter if our safety is entrusted to a person that can be enraged at a personal insult.

Jodi Dillon

Guest Columnist

Jodi Dillon is a local health care worker whose column is a response to a Sept. 23 column by Doug Kneibert

Jodi Dillon is a local health care worker whose column is a response to a Sept. 23 column by Doug Kneibert

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