McMullen was biased

Dear Editor,

I can keep silent no longer after reading the lies and misinformation spewed by the Sedalia DEMOCRAT’s regular contributor Travis McMullen in Wednesday’s edition regarding Donald Trump. Travis has obviously drunk the kool-aide put out by the Clinton machine. Apparently the Sedalia Democrat endorses Travis’ view because his view has inch tall headlines and no disclaimer.

The excellent letter by Dick Kraus on the same page has no attention-getting headline. Dick Kraus is spot on correct in his analysis of the state of the country and the lying, cheating, traitorous, felon Hillary Clinton who to any reasonable American should be locked up right now for not just her classified emails being mishandled, but her accepting money from foreign nationals for favors.

For the good of the country, Hillary Clinton must NOT be elected president. That leaves us with Trump. I don’t know if Travis is just so liberal or so Democrat he cannot understand the stakes here, or his profession as a “journalist” causes him to hate what is good. Either way I am disappointed in the Sedalia DEMOCRAT which is certainly living up to its name.

Bob Wiley

Sedalia, Mo.

Editor’s Note: Travis McMullen is a contributing opinion columnist to the Democrat. He is not a full-time employee or a news reporter. His column had a larger point size in the headline and McMullen’s photo ran with the column because he is a contributing columnist, as we treat all of our contributing columnists. He was also noted as a “contributing columnist” underneath his photo. Dick Kraus wrote a Letter to the Editor and we run all letters, including this one, with a smaller headline. There was no bias or influence involved as the the column reflected McMullen’s opinion, not the opinion of the Democrat.

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