Life is a blessing

I saw most of the gathering on April 13 at Smith-Cotton High School on social media and the Kansas City news. It is a tragic situation. A young girl had taken her own life days before and everyone’s sorrow was raw at this event. I saw people who were in shock over the loss of someone who left us so abruptly. I saw people who had been hurt sometime in their lives and needed to vent their pain — some who could relate to Riley’s confusion and desperation. I also saw school administrators who were wrongfully attacked as being the villains in this loss yet, like their attackers, grieved over the loss of one of their own.

Tonight, hours after the event, I think about a man who told us to put down our stones. He asserted that regardless of the difficulties we might encounter, life is a blessing. That every breath is a blessing, even on the darkest of days.

He wanted us to teach this truth to our children and to one another.

Sharon Brause

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