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Deborah Mitchell - Contributing Columnist

Deborah Mitchell

Contributing Columnist

I am not one of those people who pines away for days gone by, who ruefully wishes for “the good old days.” I think we live in an interesting time, when technology changes our lives faster than we know, and when I’m challenged to discover all the new apps available for my iPhone.

I like that people my age may dress in a youthful style without looking ridiculous – although I have seen some people my age who are dressed in a ridiculously youthful style, and I have cringed. My mother’s mother was 60 when I was born, and the most youthful thing about her clothing was that she had a complete wardrobe of undergarments to match each of her ensembles – and shoes.

Like most people, though, I do look at old photographs and wonder where time has gone. Max has a favorite series of photos he took of Emily and me in the sun room. They were taken in early summer, I think, because both Emily and I are wearing belted white shorts and T-shirts. She is 4 or 5, and we are holding hands. They are sweet pictures, and when I look at them, I cannot believe that she is now taller than I – though not by a lot.

I recently looked at those pictures again because on Good Friday, Sarah Fowler came to the house to take photos. Sarah owns Sarah Kate Photography and is married to Lucas Fowler, who is a firefighter; they have one baby daughter, Georgia, and they have one pot-bellied pig, Petunia. Sarah lived here years ago, when her sister babysat for Emily, and when they were children in our church. Now, Sarah is grown up, and she and her little family are members of the church; again, I wonder at the years that have gone by the wayside.

Sarah had announced on Facebook – Facebook can be a pretty good thing much of the time – that she wanted to do an adult mother/daughter photo shoot, and I signed up right away. I thought it was time for another picture in the sun room. At church on Maundy Thursday, Sarah saw my mother and sister and told me to have them at the house as well.

So for two hours, Sarah took pictures, Georgia squealed, Emily’s friend Staci and Libby’s granddaughter Khloe played with Georgia, and my family laughed and laughed. Sarah took about 175 digital photos and provided CDs of about 35 of the best ones. They are all really good.

But I found it interesting that, while we like the photos overall, we found fault with the way we look in the pictures. My mother thought she looked old and tired. My sister hated her hair and though her smile looked goofy. I thought, “My hair is REALLY blond,” and then I realized that it wasn’t particularly blond; that light color was gray! I shook my head when I saw the “parentheses” from my nose to my chin that looked as deep as dry creek beds. Emily, of course, has nothing to squawk about. She is 27 and beautiful.

Then I told us all to be quiet. The pictures are of four women (one of the photos includes Khloe, too!) who have spent more years than we realize on this earth, and all in all, we look pretty good. And in the photos, we look quite happy with each other. It was a good day.

You may see the photos on my Facebook page at

Author’s note: Point of clarification in response to Doug Kneibert’s counter to my recent column regarding the Senate’s obligation as to the Supreme Court vacancy: Article 2, Section 2 of the Constitution uses both “appoint” and “nominate” as it mandates Presidential actions. When I wrote “must now appoint a judge,” I should have written, “must now appoint a nominee” or “must now nominate a judge.” That would have been more accurate. Additionally, you can find the list of Supreme Court nominees and the results of their nominations at Robert Bork is only one who was rejected. There were several before him, and some after. But he had a Senate hearing and a vote.

Deborah Mitchell is a a local attorney and a Municipal Court Judge.

Deborah Mitchell is a a local attorney and a Municipal Court Judge.

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