Thanks to all who helped

I wanted to take the time to thank everyone who assisted with the devastating fire that occurred in Sedalia’s historic commercial district.

Law enforcement, emergency personnel, city officials, and caring individuals showed up to offer any needed supplies or assistance and worked through the night to keep the fire contained in spite of high winds.

Shop owners turned out to take care of issues complicated by the power outage and to keep an eye on neighboring properties. It was comforting to see our law enforcement shining spot lights into our darkened buildings, for both security reasons and assisting us in watching for potential damage done by blowing, burning embers.

I am always very proud of our community in the way everyone responds to needs during and after an emergency of any type. It was a heartbreaking loss for everyone, but the First United Methodist Church family has a strong foundation and will come through this sorrow even stronger. Our Heavenly Father will bring awesome things from these ashes and will bless those who offered assistance, prayers, and those who will be making decisions on how to proceed.

Thank you so much,

Michelle Swords

President, Sedalia Downtown Development Inc.

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