Memories always remain

Dear Editor:

I’ve really enjoyed reading the recent articles in the Sedalia Democrat regarding memories and historical accounts of the Garst Restaurant. Jack Miller took a step farther in his weekend edition column where he expressed a memory he had of the Katy railroad overpass on Broadway.

My memory of Garst goes a little farther back. While reading the paper and sorting thru my own memories, I thought of several other Sedalia landmarks that have come and gone over the years. I was born at the Maywood hospital where the Garst restaurant was eventually built. Grade School attended was at the Broadway school which is now a business location for a bank. I met my future husband at a Cumberland Presbyterian Church youth meeting. That is now a building used for storage behind Klein’s equipment on 16th street.

While my eventual husband and I were dating in high school, he worked as a caddy at the Sedalia Country Club managing to occasionally afford to borrow his brothers car, put some gas in it, and take me downtown to see a movie at the Liberty Theater. That building has since been renovated but still supports the arts in Sedalia. On the way home, if there was enough money left, we would stop at Garst for one of their memorable burgers. And, as we now know, Garst became Eddies, which will eventually become another medical facility. I never thought I would ever see something turn full circle like that.

The structures and city landmarks can change, but the memories will indeed always remain.

Betty A. Burford


Sedalia Democrat
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