Article addressed problem

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the family of Ms. Jessica Mae Williams, we want to thank the Sedalia Democrat and Ms. Nicole Cooke for presenting the wonderful story on Jessica’s sign in the April 16-17 edition.

Ms. Cooke wrote an excellent story that captured Jessica’s essences and love for life, as well as the purpose of the sign itself. Ms. Cooke’s tone was presented with warmth, sincerity and dignity about a sad and sensitive subject (the loss of our daughter).

The purpose of the sign was to get the people in the community to openly discuss this poison (heroin) that has moved into our town and has begun killing our children, our brothers, our sisters, our parents and our friends. The Sedalia Democrat has helped fulfill that purpose.

Our family also thanks the community of Sedalia for your kind words, notes of sympathy and loving support you provided during this sad event in our family’s history.


Wayne W. Williams


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