Thanks to all who helped

Dear Editor:

On Tuesday evening, May 4, our family was aided by the Sedalia Police Department along with Sedalia Fire Department and Pettis County Ambulance District personnel.

A situation involving our special needs, adolescent, son occurred in the parking lot of El Tapatio restaurant. The situation was handled very well and we are thankful for their professionalism and compassion. De-escalation attempts failed and officers acted quickly to prevent what could have become a very dangerous scene for our son and innocent bystanders. We are aware that many citizens witnessed the event and we are deeply sorry for any upsetting feelings this caused, especially to families with their children at the restaurant.

Our sincere apologies to the Perez family for this occurring at their beautiful new restaurant site. Please know officers and responders accompanied our son to the E.R. for added security and support. Officers Longe and Resch and Sargent Miller remained with our family and helped us in many ways. They talked with our boy and assured him they were not angry with him and wanted only to keep him safe. This will be important to him when he thinks of them in the future. Police officers get negative press so often because they are required to use force. But if these men had not detained our son, quickly and efficiently, it is probable he and others would have been injured. Bothwell E.R. staff cared for our son with compassion and assisted in connection with a supportive facility. There is never a good time or place for a crisis, and sometimes it really does “take a village to raise a child”. We are grateful for help when we needed it. Sincerely,

Scott and Angela Boone


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