Fair admission should be free

Dear Editor,

This Letter is in Regards of The Missouri State Fair

Myself and others want to know why Sedalia charges to get into the Missouri State Fair as there are other fairs that don’t charge to walk around inside the fair.

Sedalia makes money off of the concerts and Vendors among other things. I think its very sad that they raise the price up every year. People have trouble paying their bills, for food and keeping a roof over their heads now a days and they want to charge us $10 just to get inside the fair to walk around!!

It’s not right the disabled can’t afford that among other people as well. Everyone looks forward to the State Fair each year cause in all honestly there is not much to do here. Not only dis I see an ad on Facebook about the Tigers at the Fair this year they were underweight and all bones and this is what our State Fair supports?

The Lady that posted the ad said she is thinking about not going to the fair anymore and I don’t blame her one bit. The older people here in Sedalia enjoy going out to the fair and looking at different crafts among other items that is sold at the Fair.

I asked an older gentleman how much he had to pay for the scooter he was riding and he replied $25.00 for 4 hours.

Are you kidding me? So not only do you have to pay gate admission to walk around but the elderly that can’t walk very well have to rent a scooter and pay for that as well.

Also after paying gate admission you also have to pay for tickets to go to a rodeo, concert, motocross and even tickets to ride the rides. I think its wrong!

Our Fair needs to have free gate admission like many other Fairs around the county’s as well as other state’s. I’m sure this upsets many others here in our city, but I guess I’m the only one who had guts enough to write about it. I have many relatives that come in for the Fair but to be honest only three people came this year cause the price is an outrage to get inside and just walk around it’s wrong!! Hope everyone has a great week.

Melinda Von Morrison


Sedalia Democrat
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